Spoiler-filled new Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity trailers are here

Red Barrels have just released new trailers for their upcoming scare-fests Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity, a collection which includes the new title and the original Outlast and Whistleblower DLC. Both the new game and the collection are coming out next week.

You can watch the Outlast 2 trailer above and the Trinity trailer below...but if you're planning on actually playing these games, I'd advise against it. I can't say much about Outlast 2 before the review embargo lifts, but these trailers contain a lot of moments from the Outlastseries in general that are a lot more effective if you don't know they're coming. Neither trailer gives away significant plot details, but showing surprising and scary moments absolutely dulls the impact of those moments in-game. 

Also, these trailers are both filled with gore and disturbing imagery. So consider yourself fully warned regarding both spoilers and blood, and make your viewing decisions accordingly. 

Outlast 2 and Trinity release on April 25.