Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, Ratchet and Clank, and everything else revealed for PlayStation 5

It’s the week where E3 would have been, and Sony isn’t letting it pass them by without some major announcements. After delaying their reveal once, we finally get to see what PlayStation 5 will look like, along with a bunch of different launch titles. What killer apps will this new system have to offer, and what new hardware features will make it worth a purchase? What will it cost and how many rumors are true? Time to find out.

Grand Theft Auto V on PS5

Grand Theft Auto V coming to PS5 expanded and enhanced and all PS5 owners will get GTA Online free at launch in 2021. Anyone who already owns GTAV will get one million dollars in GTA Cash every month until the game launches on PS5. It’s a port, but hey at least it’s something to get you started, especially if you are still an active player.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We are getting yet another amazing open-world Spider-Man game, this time starring Miles Morales. A few of Miles’ unique abilities like his ability to go invisible and shock enemies look to be featured in the game. It will release this holiday 2020 and will be one of the first titles to release on PlayStation 5.

Gran Turismo 7

Every new console generation comes with it a new generation of console exclusive racing games, so of course, we got to get a look at the next Gran Turismo. The presentation mostly focused on the campaign mode, where you get to collect cars, tune them up, and race on a variety of tracks with weather and environment modifiers. Sony was happy to show us the game in action and it certainly looks gorgeous from a supped up car’s driver’s seat.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Yep, here is another confirmed rumor. Ratchet and Clank are coming back, and this time it looks like the theme is time/dimensional travel. We were treated to an amazing section of gameplay where the duo popped back and forth between different worlds, whole maps swapping in and out at the blink of an eye, something that PS5 can presumably only do with its fast-loading SSD technology.

Also, Clank has ray-traced reflections making him look super shiny. The new Rule #63 Ratchet also looks shiny in a different way.

It’s the dimension-hopping gameplay that really seems to be the draw here. We were shown a piece of gameplay where the duo used dimensional rifts to bypass obstacles, literally swapping the entire world out to progress. And of course, this wouldn’t be a Ratchet and Clank game without goofy weaponry, like a sprinkler that freezes enemies, or a shotgun that fires lightning or a rapid-fire pistol that fires… whatever those weird green things were. It’s certainly got that old-school cartoony vibe, and that’s what I’m here for.

Project Athia

Square Enix is bringing their particular brand of shininess to PlayStation 5. It’s not particularly clear what this game is about, but Project Athia was more than willing to show us a badass cloaked female figure, doing parkour, using magical powers, and fighting against massive beasts. It’s going to be a game designed from the ground up for PS5, but you know how it goes with Square. Its glitz and glam first and substance second, so we will have to wait until we get more info about this one.


On the indie side of things, we have a new Annapurna game about… well… an intelligent cat in a robotic world. Once again, this one focused primarily on the setting so we will have to wait for more details to see what’s up

PlayStation 5 Details

Sony moved on to talk a bit about PS5’s specs, talking about the system and controller but mostly recapping what we already know.


  • 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray
  • Ultra-High Speed SSD
  • Ray Tracing
  • 3D Audio


  • Haptic Feedback
  • Adaptive Triggers
  • Motion Sensor
  • Built In Microphone and Speaker
  • Headset Jack
  • USB Port


This new game is very interesting. It features a stranded astronaut on an alien world that keeps reliving her life after the crash right up until death. Every time she dies the world changes. She says she thinks she is going insane.

It seems to be a third person shooter, so it will be interesting to see if the world really does change every time you die. Sony said that this title will make use of PS5 technology to create an experience unlike you have experienced before, and that would certainly be one way to do that.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

It looks like LittleBigPlanet’s mascot is back, and this time he’s doing some 3D platforming! The mechanics still seem to be familiar, asking you to pick up bubbles, keys, bounce off enemies, and activate neat contraptions to make your way through levels. I’m definitely getting some Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario 3D World vibes here.

Destruction Allstars

Everyone makes a huge deal about racing games when a new console generation comes out, but this is the sort of racing game a lot of us want. It’s a game specifically designed around smashing your cars into each other at high speeds. It’s a sci-fi destruction derby with explosions, giant saws, and people in colorful costumes. There are even car mounted weapons, major speed boosts, and all sorts of other carnage. Maybe this will be the next Rocket League?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This new game from emberlab seems to be taking the “art game” slot for PS5’s initial lineup. It puts you in control of a young warrior fighting to protect a world of spirits. We see some platforming, combat with a staff and a bow, some spell casting, and a neat semi-Japanese cartoon aesthetic. It sure seems like 3D action platformers are coming back in a major way on the PS5.

Goodbye Volcano High

Introspective furry anime is big right now, and now it looks like we are getting an introspective furry game… or an introspective scaly game at least .Ever wonder what it’s like to be a teenage dinosaur in a rock band? Well this game will let you ride out the end of your high-school life right until your species extinction. It’s slated for launch in 2021.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Oddworld and Abe is back! This shows a lot about Sony’s strategy for PlayStation 5. They are bringing back a lot of Sony’s old “mascots” for PS5’s launch lineup. It’s a good strategy. As for the gameplay, it appears to be a puzzle platformer, like the original Oddworld games, except this time it’s fully voice acted. Yes, even Abe is going to take those stitches out of his mouth.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

This is one of the few games in the presentation that we actually had a little bit of info about, yes Shinji Mikami was very happy to show how PlayStation 5 allows him to bring the world of a supernatural Tokyo to life. This appears to be a sort of first person action horror RPG, where you use spiritual powers to fight against faceless ghosts while wandering between the lands of the living and the dead. It’s certainly got a trippy psychedelic feel to it. The hand-sign based magical attacks looks like a fun and excellent mechanic. It will launch sometime in 2021.

Jett: The Far Shore

Are you interested in carving out a future for a people on a dying planet somewhere among the stars? Well that’s what this new title is about. Go out there, find new worlds, discover what waits in the vastness of space. It is planned for launch this holiday season as one of PS5’s first titles.


Gearbox has a new third person melee action game in the works. You get to play as a sci-fi armored knight with a variety of different weapons fighting against a ton of different monsters and possibly even other players. It’s slated for release in late 2020.

Solar Ash

Here’s a new title from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter one of the indie darlings from a few years back. Hyper Light Drifter was basically a stylistic sci-fi fantasy take on sprite based Legend of Zelda games. Solar Ash takes the same concept and brings you to the third dimension, together with some nifty gravity mechanics. It’s slated for release in 2021.

Hitman III

Slated for release in January 2021, we get to return to our favorite bald agent for a conclusion to his current plotline. We got to see a snippet of gameplay on top of a skyscraper in Dubai. Agent 47 will scale the outside of the building, break into elevator shafts, and make use of new abilities we haven’t yet seen. This was a very short look, so we will have to wait for more details in the near future.

Astro’s Playroom

We finally got to see PS5’s user interface in action, just for a little bit, but it was really just a tease for Astro’s Playroom. Yes, Astro Bot is returning for another platforming adventure. Our guess is that this will be PS5’s big tech demo, showing off the new capabilities of their controller, console and camera.

Little Devil inside

Now this was an intriguing game. I think I would describe it as “what if The Witcher was just really, really, really cute?” It has a doll-like animation aesthetic, but the action it shows off involves wandering through different lands, taking on massive beasts, engaging in combat with special abilities, and much more. Also… it might take place inside an old man’s head? Hey we’re curious.

NBA 2K21

A new console generation means new sports games. Let us tell you, this one looks amazing. We know that “realistic graphics” is something that we used to boast about back when graphics… well… were blocky and unrealistic, but this really does look eerily like real life. It’s slated for release later this year.


This trailer started with a googly eyed walking strawberry insect from my nightmares, followed by a talking sea otter who eats one… and whose arm then turns into strawberries and… Is this OK? Was something weird in our lunch? Then they lit the town on fire because hot-dog hands don’t have fingers. Then the living snacks joined together into a snack golem! Well… we are going to find out more about this bad trip when it releases later this year.

Demon’s Souls

Yep you heard it right. Demon’s Souls is in fact getting a remake on PlayStation 5 and it is pretty incredible. It doesn’t look like an HD facelift, it looks like it’s being remade from the ground up, but we will have to wait for more info to be sure.

Death Loop

Ever wanted to be a sci-fi assassin? Well you probably won’t be great at it. Luckily, in Death Loop you can try, try, try again because you are stuck in a time-loop. Make use of cool time powers, teleport, throw people with psychokinesis, get new weapons, and figure out how to kill eight targets before midnight and before your rival assassin kills you. Maybe then you will finally escape this weird death trap of an island. We dig its funky almost ‘70s aesthetic.

Resident Evil VIII Village

Now this one threw me for a loop. It started like a relatively standard horror game, but things started to get weird very quick. With huge zombies, a misty castle, a giant dude with an axe, and Chris Redfield coming back, this game continues the story of the protagonist of Resident Evil VII, tangling him in the web that all our other protagonists are in. It is also the conclusion of “her” story. Who could “she” be? We will find out when it releases in 2021.


PlayStation 5 certainly has its fair share of strange abstract sci-fi titles. This new game features someone in a self-contained suit, wandering around a ruined metropolis, coming in contact with a little girl who may or may not be robot and a cat who has a hologram instead of skin. Then everyone gets sucked into the sky before the world derezzes and they land on the moon. Once again, no idea what this is about but we will hear more as we head toward its launch in 2022.

Horizon Forbidden West

Yep, one of the killer apps of PlayStation 5 is going to be a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. This time, a new plague is spreading across the land, infecting all organic life. You’ll take control of Aloy again, traveling a huge open world and exploring the ruins of our civilizations. However, this time she will be taken to new islands, high peaks, deserts, mountains, and more. She will swim through underwater ruins, push through the old Golden Gate Bridge, and even meet others with abilities like hers. The setting will be the “west,” the remains of a ruined America. More info will be coming soon.

PlayStation 5

If you thought the original mockups of PlayStation 5 were weird, the final model is certainly unlike anything we have seen from consoles before. It’s a strange curved obelisk with a black line down the middle and vents running throughout it. It’s like a weird technology sandwich.

What’s particularly interesting is that it’s coming in two editions, standard and digital. It is, essentially exactly what you think. One version will have a disk drive and one will not, being totally digital instead, which is good for people who have made the jump past physical media. It will probably save them at least a few bucks.

We also got to see quite a few new accessories, including 3D audio headphones, a dualsense controller charging dock, an HD camera which will likely factor into whatever Sony’s VR solution is for this generation, and a media remote, which presumably will help you use your PS5 as a replacement for a Blu-Ray player and streaming station.

That’s all for this roundup. Come back soon when we dissect Sony’s strategy for the upcoming PlayStation 5 launch.