The speedrunning community keeps pushing the limits of Resident Evil VII

Capcom has successfully reinvigorated the Resident Evil franchise thanks to its latest release in the series, Resident Evil 7. The company steered the series away from its third-person action roots and into a first-person/VR realm with a strong emphasis on the scares and suspense. Reactions to the game have been largely positive, even though it has a relatively short runtime.

As we explained in our review, the game can be beaten in less than 10 hours. The time frame is short by modern standards, but definitely not short enough for the speedrunning community on Twitch. Dedicated gamers were already setting completion records by the end of January, barely one week after Capcom released the title to the public.

Racing through Resident Evil

Twitch streamer/speedrunner uhTrance had already beaten the game in a record 1:34':08" by January 30. He has since beaten that record with a new playing time of 1:30'54". Twitch streamer xer1an then beat that record by completing the game 47 seconds faster.

These speedruns were done on the Easy difficulty setting with copious use of unlockable items such as the powerful Circular Saw melee weapon, the Infinite Ammo option, and the Running Shoes, which, yep, increase the protagonist's walking speed. As many have already noted, the game's bonuses appear to be designed specifically for speedrunners as the items enhance speed, raise the protagonist's defense stats, and include powerful weapons that can kill all enemies with one try.

Recently, a new crop of speedrunners have opted for a tougher challenge: completing the game with no weapons other than the knife. The knife is a weak melee weapon that serves one important purpose in the game, to complete a puzzle. Speedrunner Caelm_Bleidd holds the current record with a run time of 1:53':56" on Easy and 2:41':51" for a knife speedrun on the Madhouse (hardest difficulty) setting.

For GameCrate readers interested in trying out their own speedruns, here's a helpful guide by our own Nate Hohl that should get you closer to that magical hour-and-a-half mark.