Speedrunner beats Prey in under 20 minutes

Prey, the new sci-fi adventure game from Arkane Studios, isn’t even a week old, and yet one dedicated speedrunner has already managed to beat the entire game in less time than it takes to watch a full sitcom episode.

Speedrunner and Twitch streamer DraQu quickly got to work seeing how fast he could beat Prey shortly after the game was released to the public last Friday, May 5. He soon managed to make some waves when he managed to obtain a completion time of just under 45 minutes (44:06 to be exact), but less than 24 hours after he posted his sub-45 minute run, he astounded the speedrunning community yet again with a newer run in which he cleared the game in 19 minutes and 34 seconds. If you’re curious about how DraQu managed to beat Prey so quickly but you don’t feel like watching the below video, basically he used a number of out-of-bounds tricks to skip entire portions of the game and reach the end much more quickly than was intended.

DraQu admits he made a number of mistakes during the 19-minute run, which means there is potential for him to shave even more time off. Some are already saying he could beat the game in as little as 10 minutes if he really tried, and chances are good he might have already done just that by the time you’re reading this article. Still, 19 minutes isn’t anything to scoff at, especially for a game which was meant to last for several hours and then some.

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