Space travel, mobsters, dungeon crawling, and everything else shown during the 2020 PC Gaming Show

For a remote digital presentation in the time of the pandemic, the PC Gaming Show was surprisingly high budget this year. We got more than two hours of footage of new and upcoming PC games. That’s more than what Sony had to show! Let’s take a look.


Valheim is a survival and exploration game loosely based on Norse mythology. You know these types of games. Start with nothing, scavenge tools to build your home, forage food, and eventually build yourself up to a fearsome warrior. The world of Valheim is procedurally generated, but there’s lots to explore, from lands across the sea to dungeons in other realms, and you’ll build your civilization up from nothing to a thriving village or even kingdom. You can sign up for the beta right now at


Ooblets makes another appears in this year’s show. This strange combination of a life simulation game, Pokémon, and Stardew Valley is set to head into early access this summer. Two years of shows is a long time for an indie game to come into development, but soon it will have the opportunity to prove that it’s as fun to play as it is to look at.

Torchlight 3

Heck yeah, Torchlight is coming back and is here to say that Diablo is overrated. Torchlight 3 is available in Early Access on Steam right now and it’s not getting great reviews. Most people say it feels like a mobile game. Still there’s a lot of promise here. There’s an asynchronous world building element, new classes including a steampunk robot and a class that can summon trains, an expanded pet system with a new collection mechanic, and more. So check it out for yourself and see if it’s as good as the devs say, or as bad as the reviews say.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

What’s cooler than exploring the universe in a space ship? Getting off that ship apparently. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will let players step foot on planets, harvest their resources, engage in first person combat, complete contracts, and much more. It’s slated for release in 2021, and you can purchase the base game right now.

Persona 4: Golden PC

The Persona series is finally coming to PC. No, unfortunately, Persona 5 isn’t there yet, but Persona 4 Golden, the definitive version of Persona 4 is coming there. Remember, it used to be that you had to play Golden on the Vita, which means a lot of people missed it. So this is a great opportunity to enjoy the iconic RPG all over again, for the first time. It’s available right now on Steam.

In Sound Mind

A brand new psychological horror game that is not only coming to PC next year, but also next-generation consoles, In Sound Mind will take you into the depths of your own twisted mind, similar to The Evil Within. Be prepared to take on some abstract enemies and dungeons, all while listening to a sweet soundtrack from The Living Tombstone. You can play the demo right now on Steam.

Airborne Kingdom

It’s a city sim, in the sky! Fly to new lands, explore the wasteland, and begin settling your own flying city. Then pilot that flying city all around the wastes to grow it even bigger and expand your influence. It will be available this Fall, and you can pre-purchase it now on the Epic store.


If there’s anything we can say about this year it’s that a lot of these titles are getting experimental. DwarHeim, for example, is a real time strategy game that is also an asymmetric cooperative game. What does this mean? Well it means that you aren’t one overlord controlling all your units. Rather, you are a team of players controlling teams of units, all based in different classes and activities. Someone will be controlling all the builders, for example, while another controls all the battle units. Beta sign-up is open right now on Steam.

New Blood Interactive

New Blood Interactive is well known for its indie shooters and the amazing retrogame Faith. Well they took the stage to show off their lineup complete with some hilarious new website names.

  • Dusk –
  • Amid Evil –
  • Maximum Action –
  • Unfortunate Spacemen –
  • Faith –
  • Ultra Kill –
  • Gloomwood –


It’s Humankind’s second year at the show too. This 4X game is all about taking humanity from its origins to the future. However, instead of Civ, where you mimic real life cultures, Humankind allows you to rewrite history and make your own culture from scratch. In fact, they are actually letting players join the Open Dev project, allowing them to be the first to play AND submit their own ideas for mechanics and gameplay elements. You can join at and the full game is slated to release in 2021.


Icarus is a brand new game from Dean Hall the creator of DayZ. The gameplay here should be familiar for survival game buffs. Start with nothing and build yourself a base while harvesting tools. The major difference this time is that it takes place in space between two planets. The interesting thing here is that running out of oxygen, starving to death, or simply dying is not game over in this game. The only time you lose everything is if you run out of time on your “drop.” Get down to the planet’s surface, do what you need to do, and get back up to the space station before time runs out.

Evil Genius 2

Why build up civilization when you can watch it burn! Evil Genius 2 is a sim that puts you in the shoes of a comical super villain, recruiting henchmen, building deathtraps, and defending yourself from special agents playing hero. This sequel to the popular villain sim will come out later this year.


We saw Godfall during the Sony presentation last week, but the PC Gaming Show showed us even more gameplay. It also revealed that the game will have a deep loot system. You’ve heard of looter shooters? This is a looter slasher. You’ll explore several different elemental worlds of earth, wind, fire, and water, and eventually find yourself taking on a mad god itself. It is planned for release on both PlayStation and PC this holiday season.


Looking for a retro shooter? Well Prodeus is the game to check out. And when we say retro, we mean Doom retro. We mean more like Doom than the Doom remakes retro. You’ll move at high speeds and blast sprite based enemies into bits in this game, which is slated for release this fall.

Fae Tactics: The Girls who Destroyed the World

It looks like the grid based isometric tactics game is back! This is a combination of a card game and tactical game that allows you to summon tons of different allies, merge them together Persona style, and build a perfect army. If you want to scratch that Final Fantasy Tactics itch, you can get Fae Tactics when it releases this summer.


Carto is a top down puzzle game all about building and recreating maps. You’ll place tiles in the hopes of navigating your little cartographer home, building the world as you explore it. Sometimes you’ll need to swap and rearrange pieces of the world to unlock new areas and progress. It’s slated for release this fall.

Project Wingman

The flight sim is a pretty rare genre these days but Project Wingman is set to bring it back. Step into the cockpit of your very own fighter jet and participate in squad based dogfights this summer. It even has VR support.

Blankos: Block Party

Did you ever have that one action figure that you loved more than anything else? Well Blankos: Block Party is kind of like that, but with a world builder attached. Collect your favorite avatars, build your own games and game worlds, and share them with your friends.

Everspace 2

Another game that has seen multiple appearances at the PC gaming show, Everspace 2 is finally going into Early Access this December. But if that’s too late for you, you can hop in the closed alpha to try out all of this dogfighting and spaceship exploration action on June 15.


Well it looks like we are doing trailers from Kickstarter now. This is a turn based strategy game based on ancient drawings by medieval monks. For the most part it’s a lot like your standard grid based strategy games, except its 2D. Inkulinati has already been funded and there are 10 days left to go in its campaign, so head on over to donate if you want to snag a copy.

Total War Saga: Troy

The next chapter of Total War will let you build your very own Trojan horse, built upon several theories about what the horse could have actually been. It could be a siege weapon, a weapon for stealth, or simply a battle formation that takes advantage of natural disasters.

Remnant: From the Ashes – Subject 2923

The popular souls-like shooter is getting its final DLC on August 20 this year. As always it will feature new bosses, new zones, and new equipment. Story-wise, it will have players heading to finally close the gateway that allows the Root, the infectious sentient tree-folk, to attack the earth.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

It’s the age of remakes. Mafia: Definitive Edition is not just a HD facelift. Everything was remade from the ground up, from the assets to the gameplay system. While the story remains much the same and the missions are all exactly what you remember, the game itself is built, new, for this new age of gaming.


It’s a roguelite but with a spoopy aesthetic. Yes, spoopy… with a p. You play as the devil and you make your team out of famous monsters like Dracula and Bloody Mary. You’ll raise them and teach them skills, like macabre Pokémon, but if they fall in battle, any further damage they take goes to your own health bar. Deplete your health and the run is over. It’s a little bit like Slay the Spire but with a Halloween aesthetic. It’s slated for release 2021.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy          

Another roguelite, Unexplored 2 makes use of that popular mechanic that Sony built it’s show off of, which is to say constantly changing the game world. As usual, you will be tasked with making several permadeath runs, but every death you encounter will permanently alter the world in some way. A Beta for this game is coming soon and you can sign up for it at

Dauntless: Call of the Void

We saw a new trailer for the next Dauntless update, Call of the Void which is available right now. Also, they gave out the code “PCGamingShow2020” which when redeemed at will get you some in-game rewards.

Among Trees

A new first person survival sandbox, Among Trees is a survival game shrunken down. Its scope focuses on one piece of wilderness, and your task to build a Walden-like cabin, apart from society. It’s a slower burn survival game, with more details to explore, and more involved crafting processes. It’s available in Early Access now and should be releasing officially sometime this summer.


Remember Moonlighter and Reccetear? Well, we have yet another entry into the fantasy store simulator. You are a witch who needs to peddle her potions to adventurers in order to keep her store afloat. It will be up to you to upgrade your facilities, come up with new potion formulas, and convince customers to buy your untested concoctions for exorbitant amounts of money. You’ll even be able to play a card game in order to haggle up your price.

Mortal Shell

OK, so take a souls-like, but then imagine that everyone who dies leaves their corpse behind. Not only that, but every corpse has its own backstory, its own history. It’s up to you to possess their body, not only to obtain their stats and armor but to understand what happened to them. It’s a bit like a souls-like, but instead of building just one character you can experience multiple playstyles over the course of the game.

Shadow Man

This 1999 game is getting a 4k remaster, including never before seen incomplete content, improved A.I. and redone controls for modern sensibilities. It should release in early 2021.

Tripwire Games

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 just had its summer update called Perilous Plunder. It has four new weapons, a new map, and a space pirate theme.

Chivalry 2

Not a whole lot of new details were given about Chivalry 2, but cross-play was confirmed. So anyone with the PC version can play with anyone who owns the console version.


Tripwire interactive is looking to add new content based on fan feedback to this Shark RPG.

The Epic Games Sizzle Reel

The show then showed us a reel Epic Store PC exclusives including:

  • Mortal Shell
  • Unexplored 2
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2
  • Dauntless: Call of the Void
  • Super Meatboy Forever
  • Among Trees
  • Twin Mirror
  • Surgeon Simulator 2
  • Ooblets
  • Phantom Brigade
  • Airborne Kingdom
  • Iron Harvest
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  • Godfall

All of these games are available to be wishlisted and pre-purchased today.


Looking for a new dungeon crawler to play with your friends? Maybe you’ll want to check out Blightbound when it goes into Early Access later this summer. It’s a three player dungeon crawler where each of you can take control of a warrior, assassin, or mage. The catch here?  You can unlock new heroes, for one. For two, the dungeons are all traversed in oldschool beat-em up style!

Shadows of Doubt

A detective stealth game that combines noir with voxels. You must comb a retro inspired city in order to prevent a serial killer from striking next. You’ll put together clues, make connections, investigate crime scenes and much more, all in a blocky low-res aesthetic.

The Forgotten City

This time travel murder mystery originally started as a Skyrim mod. Now it’s getting a full release. Uncover a murder plot in ancient Rome when it releases later this year.

Paradise Killer

I’m seeing a theme here. Another murder mystery, this time wrapped up in a third person open world game with a pretty fantastic ‘80s anime aesthetic that feels a little bit like Persona meets Skullgirls.


Ah yes, finally something that isn’t a murder mystery. This is an open world RPG that is also a relationship simulator. Two people escape to a new planet together and attempt to build a life together. Can your relationship withstand the pressures of survival?

Cartel Tycoon

Ever wanted to rule your own drug empire? Well now you can with Cartel Tycoon. You’ll be in charge of everything from production to distribution, and you’ll have to make a profit while dodging the authorities and keeping your whole empire safe from rivals.

Trash Sailors

Remember that odd hand-drawn aesthetic that Cartoon Network’s Flapjack had? Well Trash Sailors is that, wrapped around a co-op sailing game. It’s a bit like Raft, but smaller scale and more cartoony, especially since your raft is built of trash.

Cris Tales

This RPG that allowed you to experience the past, present, and future simultaneously was one of the break out hits of last year’s PC Gaming Show. This year we got to see a new trailer along with a concrete release date: November 17, 2020. It’s also confirmed for a release on all current gen consoles, and next gen consoles at a later date.

Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Remember that pre-rendered background look that classic RPGs like Final Fantasy VII had? Well Alaloth is looking to revive that for a modern audience with classic ARPG mechanics. Written by RPG veteran Chris Avelone, this is sure to scratch that isometric itch that you’ve been having as we all wait for Baldur’s Gate III.

Weird West

WeirdWest is a top down RPG, like the original Fallout, set in a dark reimagining of the wild west. You’ll be controlling a party of characters in strategic combat, but there will still be a very deep focus on exploration, considering this game is coming from the devs who brought you Dishonored and Prey.

A Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

This 2003 Harvest Moon game has been completely remade into 3D. It’s largely considered one of the best Harvest Moons in the series, and seeing everything remade on PC is a big step for the series. Listen up Stardew Valley players, this is where the farm/dating sim came from. It will release on July 14.

New World

We got a brand new trailer for Amazon’s first new MMO. It’s slated to release on August 25, but you can get access to the closed beta if you pre-order, which is set to release on July 23. The trailer showed off combat, siege encounters, and massive battles, though until we can get our hands on it, we will save our opinions.

Twin Mirror

It’s been two years since this game was announced, and frankly we forgot about it. However, getting a refresh from the PC Gaming Show made us hyped all over again. It’s the next game coming from Life is Strange studio Dontnod. You take control of Sam Higgins as he returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend. Unfortunately, Sam has a secret, a Tylder Durden-esque alter-ego.

Metal: Hellsinger

One of the things I love most about PC games is how experimental they are. Metal: Hellsinger is a fusion of FPS and rhythm games. Match your shots to the beat to do the most damage, and dodge to the rhythm to avoid attacks. And of course, what would a shooter be without a thumping heavy metal soundtrack, which is even better in a rhythm game context.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos

Any fan of tabletop RPGs can tell you that they tend to be… stupid. At least stupider than the pre-packaged stories from video games. But what if a dungeon crawler could be just as stupid as your dumb tabletop sessions? That’s what The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is all about. Starring Felicia Day, this is just one big in-joke for tabletop gamers.

Red Sails

Yarrr, pirate games be… well they aren’t really in anymore but Red Sails might reinvigorate them. You won’t only sail the seven seas, you’ll also sail through an endless desert. That’s right. Sand ships. In fact, this game is mostly about exploration, allowing you to wander through a vast wasteland filled with ruins. Sure you’ll stop form port to port to have associated adventures, but this game is really all about the world building.

Surgeon Simulator 2

It’s time to war against the controls again. Throw a lung across the room. Chop your patient’s head off. Heck, this time you get to destroy the very hospital that you work in. There’s even co-op support, so you can pull off your patient’s limb and beat your friend with it… uh… accidentally of course. It’s hitting the Epic Store in August 2020.

The Last Campfire

Originally revealed in March for Nintendo Switch, we called The Last Campire an adventure game that seems engineered to make you cry. Welp, this new trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it certainly reinforces that general tone. It will release later this year for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Escape from Tarkov

This shooter is getting a brand new map, one of the biggest ever! It’s a huge city map that lets you weave in and out of vacant buildings. We got a nice little teaser trailer showing us just how big the scope of this new map is.

Outlast Trials

Set during the Cold War, this horror game sees four players portraying unwilling participants in horrible scientific mind control experiments. You’ll have to work together to escape your confines without dying to your captors… or perhaps… the strange shadow demons that live in your mind.

That’s all there was, and it was a lot. More than 50 games coming in the next year! Which were you most excited for? Let us know in the comments. Watch the show in full below: