Soul Calibur VI gets a 10-minute PXS preview video

During its recent PSX 2017 event, Sony was on hand with Bandai Namco to show off more gameplay from its upcoming fighting title Soul Calibur VI while also discussing one of the game’s brand new mechanics.

In the above interview video, viewers can see more gameplay in which iconic Soul Calibur characters Sophitia and Mitsurugi do battle. Along with the gameplay, Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo was on hand to outline one of the new mechanics which will be present: Reversal Edge. Using Reversal Edge, newer players will be able to more easily parry incoming attacks, and when both players use a Reversal Edge move, the gameplay will briefly slow down in dramatic fashion similar to how it does in Tekken 7. However, Okubo also warned that Reversal Edge won’t be a fail-proof tactic, and that it will also serve as a bit of a mid-match learning experience since it will show that some moves always manage to beat out others.

A specific release date for Soul Calibur VI hasn’t yet been revealed, but the game will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.