Sony sold 106 million PS4s, 5 million PSVRs

While, yes, Sony held a press conference at CES in Las Vegas, it was a broad stroke across all of Sony’s businesses including television, audio, auto (?) even a bit of film, TV shows and music. The small moment focused on the PlayStation brand basically rehashed the platform’s success. While most of the gaming industry knows PlayStation 4 is the best-selling console in this generation, we didn’t know the most recent numbers.

Sony sold 106 million PS4s since its launch in 2013, comparatively Sony only sold 87 million PS3s. In addition to the success of PS4, Sony also sold 5 million PSVR headsets since its launch in 2016 and they currently have 38.8 million PS Plus subscribers.

Other than those numbers, there wasn’t much new information shared about PlayStation upcoming year. The only info we got about PlayStation 5 is its new logo. Let’s hope for a spring PlayStation showcase and a big showing at E3 2020.

Watch the entire press conference here: