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Sony has sold over 1 million PlayStation VR units

The latest sales numbers from Sony confirm that over 1 million people have bought a PlayStation VR headset. That's not too shabby considering the landscape of consumer-friendly virtual reality is still trying to find its footing.

In a recent interview with Glixel, Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan confirmed the impressive PlayStation VR sales numbers while also admitting that the company had no clear projections of how well the headset would sell:

"To be honest we didn't know how well it would do. We were optimistic, but something as completely different as virtual reality is tough to predict."

It’s not too surprising to hear that the PlayStation VR headset has surpassed the 1 million units sold mark considering we knew it had already reached roughly 915,000 units sold as of this past February, but it is still a heartening development for those who want to see VR keep the momentum it currently has going.

Recent popular titles for the PSVR include the FPS Farpoint and the multi-platform Star Trek: Bridge Crew