Sonic the Hedgehog movie: All the clues and easter eggs you might have missed in the trailer

At long last, it’s finally here. The first official trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie adaptation dropped earlier today, giving viewers their first glimpse at the live-action rendition which stars James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Jim Carrey, and the voice of Ben Schwartz as the titular blue speedster.

The debut trailer was naturally chock-full of action and laughs, but it also contained no small amount of hidden clues and easter eggs as well. Some of these clues weren’t too hard to spot, but others were definitely of the “blink and you’ll miss it” type (not unlike Sonic himself in fact). We’ve rounded up all the major clues and easter eggs we managed to find along with accompanying screenshots.

Sonic has fur…and quills

Despite being a hedgehog, the graphical rendering capabilities of early video game consoles meant that players never had to face the reality that Sonic has quills. Since live-action Sonic is dictated by live-action rules, this means he can shed his quills just like an actual hedgehog. And as both James Marsden’s Sheriff Tom Wachowski and Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik learn, those quills retain some of the energy that gives Sonic his speed.

Also, similar to many of the Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie, Sonic also apparently has fur. Again, this is the sort of reality that gamers never had to face until now, and one could also argue it’s not technically canon.

Yes, actual hedgehogs technically have a fine layer of fur, but in the pre-established Sonic mythos, Sonic is technically wearing a sort of blue full-body suit which covers his arms. Video game Sonic’s arms are actually the same color as the area around his mouth. Yes, this is really just splitting hairs (both figuratively and literally), but it bears mentioning for any Sonic purists out there.    

Portal Rings

Most casual Sonic fans see the game series’ rings as nothing more than life-preserving collectibles, but as the movie’s trailer shows, they’re actually so much more. Certain Sonic games have shown the blue speedster leaping through ring-based portals to traverse between levels, and the movie lifts that concept directly.

There’s a clear part of the trailer where Sonic purposefully flings a ring which then transforms into a large portal (saving his human allies from an unfortunate death in the process). It’s a cool little trick which gives Sonic some added utility and also injects a little Doctor Strange/Portal vibes into the movie’s action.

Embrace The Genesis

The trailer’s main tagline goes thusly:

“Every hero has a genesis.”

Again, dedicated Sonic fans might recognize this tagline as a nod to the video game console on which Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared: the Sega Genesis.

Sonic’s an alien?!?

During the trailer, Sonic makes a specific reference to “your planet” while talking to Marsden’s Sheriff Wachowski, suggesting he’s not from Earth and thus is technically an alien. If we delve a bit into Sonic lore, we can see that this theory is technically both correct and incorrect.

Current Sega-approved lore says that Sonic hails from the state of Nebraska where he lives with a large extended family. However, such wasn’t always the case. Several previous Sonic games posited that his home is actually a planet called Mobius. To further confuse things, some Sonic materials say that Mobius is actually just Earth in the far future, while others specifically list it as a separate planet that’s several light-years from our own.

Live-action Sonic’s specific mentioning of “your planet” seems to suggest the movie’s writers are going with the separate planet route, or that Sonic at least thinks he’s from another planet.   

Robotnik’s Many Looks

Jim Carrey appears to be in his element portraying Dr. Robotnik, hamming it up much in the same way he once did in The Mask or as The Riddler in Batman Forever (take your bets now on whether he ever actually twirls that handlebar mustache of his). The trailer also shows that he’ll go through a number of different wardrobe change throughout the movie.

At first, Robotnik is rocking a sleek cybernetic villain look complete with a black overcoat, small-frame sunglasses, and a neatly-pressed haircut. If you skip to the 2:06 mark of the trailer you can spot Robotnik sporting his trademark goggles and red jacket. Then, as a special end-of-trailer tease, viewers catch a glimpse of the Robotnik that most fans are familiar with: bald, red jacket, goggles, and a much larger (and more unkempt) mustache.   

Mushroom Hill Zone

Speaking of that end-of-trailer teaser scene, you might have also noticed what Dr. Robotnik is surrounded by: giant mushrooms. This apparently confirms that the classic Sonic level Mushroom Hill Zone will be featured in the movie, though to what degree we cannot say.

Robotnik’s drastically altered look leads us to believe his trip to Mushroom Hill Zone will occur during the back-half of the movie, maybe even serving as a post-credits teaser for a sequel. It also seems to support the idea that Sonic is from another planet (since giant mushrooms aren’t found on Earth) and that the action will shift over to that planet at some point. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.