Sonic Forces gets a Nintendo Switch demo with a few caveats

The full release of Sonic Forces isn’t scheduled to occur until November 7, but fans eager to get an early sneak peek at the game can now play a free Nintendo Switch demo…albeit with a few odd conditions thrown in.

For the time being, the demo only appears to be available via the Japanese Nintendo eShop, but that condition can be easily circumvented by making a new Nintendo Account, setting Japan as its home region, and then linking the account to your Switch console. Sadly, the demo’s second major restriction is a bit more of a pain to deal with. You see, while the demo has three different stages to sample, each stage comes with a hard one-minute time limit. Once that minute is up, the stage ends no matter how much progress you made.

The demo does provide a look into how Sonic Forces will play, as long as you don’t mind seeing how much of each stage you can experience in 60 seconds flat. When Sonic Forces launches in early November, it will also be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.