SNES Classic includes rewind feature, US pre-orders sell out instantly

There was good news and bad news for those of you excited about the SNES Classic Edition yesterday. The good news was that the SNES Classic includes a rewind feature that lets you undo mistakes and stuff like that.

The bad news was that the good news probably doesn't matter, because pre-orders appear to have gone live and then sold out already.

The rewind feature sounds cool for anyone who gets their hands on a SNES Classic. Essentially the system will allow you to load up a suspended save and rewatch a period of gameplay - up to several minutes, apparently - and jump back in anywhere you like. This will probably prove popular for things like RPG boss battles.

Another benefit of the rewind feature is that the footage of your gameplay will be displayed on loop when the system goes into screensaver mode.

We also learned that the SNES Classic will offer three viewing modes - one that applies a CRT filter with scan lines, another that is simple 4:3, and one that is pixel perfect. You can also choose a bunch of different frames to appear around the side of the screen.

As for pre-orders, the system popped up with various retailers yesterday, but it looks like demand was immediately exhausted, suggesting Nintendo may have supply issues with the one-off mini console.

That was a huge issue with the NES Classic Mini, of course, which became a premium item for scalpers due to shortages. Nintendo has said it hopes to avoid that with the SNES Classic, but it remains to be seen how well that goes.

The SNES Classic Edition is due out September 29 and features more than 20 vintage Super Nintendo titles, including Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and the never-before-released StarFox 2.