Skyrim’s Batman mod is the mod you never knew you wanted

While, on their own, both The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Batman are pretty awesome, they’re awesome for drastically different reasons. However, that didn’t stop Skyrim modders TuffMcKagan and Doc117 from deciding to bring the two concepts together into a new mod that’s aptly titled ‘The Batman in Skyrim.’

According to the official Nexus Mods page for The Batman in Skyrim, the mod adds a variety of Batman-themed elements into the open-world fantasy RPG including the following:

  • A new player home called Vaynius Manor which naturally had a sprawling Bat Cave hidden underneath it. Vaynius Manor itself is quite massive, with its size being compared to that of Goldenglow Estate.
  • A new custom character race that’s equipped with unique skills making it suitable for Batman player characters.
  • A wearable set of custom armor which is aptly called the Batsuit. Players are warned that wearing the Batsuit will make your character ridiculously overpowered due to the inherent stats of the armor (you are Batman after all).
  • A helpful butler companion, because what is Batman without his loyal butler at his side?
  • A hulking new enemy NPC who is causing a ruckus up in Markarth and must be stopped. This enemy NPC is wearing a luchador-style mask and claims to have been born in darkness to give you an idea of which Batman villain he’s meant to represent…
  • A variety of new spells that can function as “gadgets” for Skyrim’s take on the Caped Crusader.
  • An intimidating-looking ‘Bat Horse’ for players to ride around on.

The mod’s creators warn that some of its features are still technically in the experimental stage, so issues might crop up here and there. However, if you’ve ever wondered what Skyrim would be like if it had Batman running around in it, well, now you can find out the answer.