Seven horror movies that deserve their own video games

It's fun to play horror games and watch horror movies every October. Established video game franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill paved the way for games like The Last of Us and Until Dawn. If Alien: Isolation, The Walking Dead, and Friday the 13th are any indication, even licensed horror franchises can make for popular video games.

Here are seven horror movies and film franchises that are worthy of their own modern video game adaptations. 

The Exorcist 

Released in 1973, The Exorcist remains one of the scariest movies of all time. It was most recently adapted into a TV show on Fox, garnering acclaim for its solid storytelling and compelling characters.

The notion that creating a video game based on a specific license is difficult is an idea that doesn't seem in keeping with modern games. The medium has come so far that, if anything, it should be easier than ever. At the very least it should be doable to take a series, like The Exorcist, and give it the video game treatment. There are so many things that could be done with the franchise given to the right developer.

The easiest route to take with The Exorcist would definitely be VR. Imagine putting on a headset and taking on the role of Father Karras as you attempt to eradicate the demon of Pazuzu from the body of Regan McNeil. Just like in the movie, you'd see flashes of the demon's face appear before your very eyes. So many of the actual exorcism scenes from that movie are unforgettable, and that's just looking at them on a TV. Imagine seeing them first-hand through VR — that would be chilling on a whole different level.

Just as The Exorcist on Fox tells its own story, so too could a video game based on the license. It wouldn't have to follow any of the previous works, though it could certainly reference them, but rather put you in the role of a priest who's trying to expel a demon from a victim. The game could even take place over several chapters, giving you a chance to visit different countries to crack all sorts of possession cases and go face-to-face with different demons and mythological evils.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Cool cameo appearances in Dead by Daylight and Mortal Kombat X notwithstanding, Leatherface hardly receives the video game respect he deserves. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may not get as much buzz (pun intended) as Halloween or Friday the 13th, but it's definitely a seminal horror flick that inspired the slasher genre in a variety of ways.

People still play Friday the 13th: The Game regardless of its mixed reviews because it provides a fun online multiplayer experience. Much like the films, fans eat up all things Jason Vorhees regardless of quality. Texas Chainsaw Massacre could also make a great multiplayer game. Rather than pitting a team of players against just Leatherface, why not have two teams? A group of friends based on characters from the movies tries to survive while being chased down by Leatherface's entire family. It would be amazing to see Chop Top chasing people around with a hammer.

Evil Dead

Okay, so we've already gotten a handful of games based on The Evil Dead, and the general consensus is that they were pretty okay. With the arrival of Ash vs. Evil Dead on TV a couple of years ago, it's time we saw the series return to the video game format.

Just think of how much fun it would be to cut down the Army of Darkness using Ash's trusty chainsaw. Not to mention how cool it could be to blow Deadites' brains out using his famous boomstick — shop smart, shop S-Mart! The blend of fast-paced action and third-person shooting would be, well, groovy. As if it wasn't obvious already, there would be so many memorable one-liners, delivered directly by Bruce Campbell himself.

The Monster Squad

Here's a movie that, if given the video game treatment, would probably best be handled by Rockstar Games. Now, hear me out. The Monster Squad is about a group of preteen friends who find themselves taking on classic horror movie monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon in order to save the world from impending doom. When they're not doing that, they have to deal with schoolyard bullies.

Oh, hey, remember Bully? Yeah, Rockstar could totally pull it off. After all, the studio also gave us the video game adaptation of The Warriors, which is still one of the best games based on a movie license. It would be cool to take control of different characters from the titular Monster Squad and take on obnoxious bullies and school duties during the day and then fighting supernatural crime at night.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Competitive shooter based on Killer Klowns from Outer Space anyone?

Two words: popcorn gun. Three more words: cotton candy gun.

Bad Taste

Speaking of competitive shooters, Bad Taste would make a great shooter while also featuring a campaign based on the movie's plot. If you're unfamiliar with Bad Taste, it's Peter Jackson's debut feature-length film. Before the filmmaker was creating high fantasy epics and King Kong remakes that nearly hit the four-hour mark, a young Peter Jackson was busy making splatter films about aliens and zombies.

It would be awesome to join the Astro Investigation and Defense Service (AIDS) and take up arms against the invading Lord Crumb and his legion of alien baddies. Engaging in over-the-top shootouts across the movie's most memorable locations would be really rad, especially if the game stuck with the film's bright, splattery visuals.

I'm 100 percent certain this will never happen, but hey, Bad Taste is my favorite Peter Jackson movie — just let me enjoy this “what if” scenario.


Shooters, hack-and-slash action games, and action-adventure titles based on horror movies would all be fine choices, but what about survival horror? One movie that comes to mind that would make a great survival horror game is Rob Zombie's 31. The movie follows a group of carnival folk who are kidnapped and taken to an abandoned facility on Halloween night. Here they're forcefully entered in a game called “31.”

The premise of the game is to survive for 12 hours while navigating a booby-trapped warehouse and trying to avoid a grisly death at the hands of killer clowns armed with chainsaws and knives. Simple enough, right?

The story, characters, setting, and survival elements of 31 would all make for an exciting, intense, and creepy horror game. The showdown with Doom-Head would be incredible, especially after this crazy scene where the killer's getting ready to hunt you down. Total insanity.

Job Simulator but about exorcisms? An open-world battle with the Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster? What horror movie or franchise do you think deserves a game? Let us know in the comments. 

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