Samsung's 146-inch wall-size TV is ready to make your cyberpunk dreams real

A major theme in sci-fi, cyberpunk, and future dystopian fiction and film is the omnipresent wall-size screens that dominate the homes of future humans. At CES 2018, Samsung appeared ready to make those fictional devices a reality with a screen the company is calling "The Wall," a 146-inch adaptation of its cinema screen technology.

The Wall is based on a modular MicroLED technology that allows it to be produced at large sizes without the need for a backlight or other hardware roadblocks that prevent other display technologies from easily reaching wall-spanning size.

Samsung's wall-size screen is bezel-less, to better blend in with your home decor, and can be set up to display an image at a variety of different sizes, meaning you could use a portion of it as a normal big-screen TV or you could fill your entire wall with 146 inches of bright and vibrant colors. Just perfect for watching Blade Runner, Her, or one of the other sci-fi films in which The Wall would feel right at home.

The new display was unveiled as part of Samsung's First Look event at CES 2018, and like many eye-catching products at the consumer technology show, details as to real-world pricing and availability weren't available. If it turns out The Wall was just a concept intended to show off Samsung's engineering process and mastery of display technology, it certainly succeeded in that respect.

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