RTX Theater: Quake II RTX with an ASUS 2080 Super GPU

A 1997 FPS classic gets a new life in Quake II RTX, and JC is dealing with some serious nostalgia.

It's amazing what modern graphics technology can do for a game that's over 20 years old, and in this video you'll get a look at the modern visual flair available in this fully ray-traced upgrade to Quake II, running on a PC build with an ASUS 2080 SUPER GPU and Intel's ultra-powerful i9-9900KS CPU.

This version includes path-traced visual effects and improved textures, among other improvements.

ASUS RTX 2080 Super GPU: http://newegg.io/a83263e4
Asus Prime Z390-A/H10 bundle: http://newegg.io/dd72a9d
Intel i9 9900K CPU: http://newegg.io/a31c307
Note: Build in video uses the Intel i9 9900KS CPU
32 GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM: http://newegg.io/6a36be6
Shop all RTX cards on Newegg: http://newegg.io/759f03b

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