Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight gets his own action figure

*Spoiler warning for Batman: Arkham Knight

The titular Arkham Knight was one of the main villains featured in Rocksteady’s epic crime-fighting finale Batman: Arkham Knight, and if you want your own collectible version of the pistol-wielding antagonist, toy company Hot Toys has you covered.

The new Arkham Knight action figure from Hot Toys stands at 12.5 inches tall and, according to this post on Toyark, has 30 different points of articulation. In addition to a variety of accessories such as pistols, smoke grenades, and a sniper rifle, the action figure also includes interchangeable heads which allow users to convert the Arkham Knight into his alternate Red Hood identity, the persona which the Arkham Knight, revealed to be former Robin Jason Todd, adopted near the end of the game.

Pricing details for the Arkham Knight figure haven’t yet been revealed, but Hot Toys plans to release it at some point in the first or second fiscal quarter of 2018.