Roccat unveils the AIMO Living Light System and new peripherals at CES 2018

Roccat showed off their newest gaming peripherals at CES 2018, along with their ambitious new lighting system called AIMO. I spoke with Tom Loske, Roccat’s Head of Relations, and he explained that this is far more than another RGB control software suite.

Roccat’s AIMO is trying to be the next evolution of RGB.

Designing Living Lights

Roccat has a pretty extensive collection of product offerings, but going forward they’re embracing a more universal design aesthetic, with the intention of bringing all of their products under the AIMO branding. We don’t know exactly what that looks like yet short of the three peripherals we’ve seen, but it will be interesting to see what direction they move in.

The coolest thing on display in the Roccat booth was the AIMO lighting system. This is more than just RGB control software; it’s a software suite that interacts with you as you interact with your machine. For example, clicking keys on the keyboard caused the desktop background to shimmer and swirl, all the way across the peripheral set.

Here's how Roccat describes AIMO on their official website:

"In the past, RGB lighting has suffered from limited functionality, variety and connectedness; blinking, flashing, distracting lighting that differs little between when a player is idle or gaming.
AIMO* reaches beyond this – it is intelligent, organic, and evolving. What we call Living Light.

AIMO-enhanced gaming peripherals are built around a learning lighting experience, adapting to your play the more you use them, and becoming more dynamic and nuanced as AIMO products combine. AIMO compliments the owner’s needs intuitively, dazzling when desired and taking a backseat when gamers do what they do best. Game.

We started the RGB revolution, now we’re making history again. This is the new generation of RGB, and it starts now with our first two AIMO-enhanced products, the ROCCAT Kone AIMO gaming mouse, and the ROCCAT Horde AIMO gaming keyboard. These are just the first of a series of AIMO products to come. Step into the light with AIMO."

Even in its early stages, it was entertaining to use. Though I wasn’t able to play with the customization parameters, Roccat assured me that the way AIMO performs is very much in the user’s control.

For the Roccat Horde!

One of the new products that Roccat is bringing to market in the first quarter of 2018 is the Horde AIMO.

This is a “membranical” board, with very precise actuation and newly designed keycaps. It’s not mechanical, but it feels good to type with, and it’s feature rich. It has a built in scroll wheel, all the media keys you want, a full suite of macro keys, and a removable wrist rest.

Most importantly, it’s fully AIMO compatible, so if you’re interested in the aforementioned lighting system, this keyboard is a good place to start.

The Roccat Horde should launch at around $99 by the end of January. It will be available in black, white and gray.

Khan/Kone AIMO

Roccat also showed off their newest version of the Khan headset. We’ve written about the previous model before, but this one has AIMO fully integrated. It’s also rocking simulated 7.1 surround sound, a flip-up mic, noise-suppressing memory foam earpads, and of course, full AIMO compatibility.  

We’re excited about this headset, and are looking forward to getting our hands on it soon.

Lastly, we were shown the Kanga full mouse pad, along with the Kone AIMO mouse. It’s been modified slightly, but it’s looking good, and the AIMO lighting shines through nicely.

We’re curious to see how Roccat continues to implement this inventive lighting system. The interactivity is a neat feature, but whether it’s the future of RGB or just a neat idea, we’ll find out in 2018.