Rising Thunder will return as an entirely free PC fighting game

The team behind Rising Thunder, a small-time newbie-friendly PC fighting game which sadly had its servers shut down when it was acquired by League of Legends developer Riot Games in March of 2016, has announced the game will be coming back next month as an entirely free game called Rising Thunder: Community Edition.

According to this Reddit announcement post, Rising Thunder: Community Edition will launch sometime in January 2018 (i.e. next month) and when it does it will basically be the same version of the game that was taken offline in 2016 (no new characters or stages sadly). However, along with what was included in the 2016 build of Rising Thunder, there will also be two noticeable additions: an offline mode which will allow for local multiplayer matches, and an open source online server so that fans can still play online matchmaking games and even improve the existing matchmaking service if they’re so inclined.

The post also says that Rising Thunder: Community Edition will be entirely free and will remain that way indefinitely. Meanwhile, the game’s development team has apparently started work on a new secret project so fans can speculate to their heart’s content while they enjoy Rising Thunder: Community Edition when it arrives next month.