A (revised) Injustice 2 premier skins wishlist

The recent release of Injustice 2’s Raiden DLC came with a little extra bonus thrown in, a bonus in the form of a Black Lightning premier skin. The newly available lightning-wielding duo prove that not only is NetherRealm willing to make cross-realm premier skins, but that it also doesn’t mind switching up certain cosmetic elements to make a premier skin more thematically appropriate. In the case of Raiden and Black Lightning, that includes swapping out Raiden’s lightning dragon and the large Mortal Kombat logo he summons during his super attack to Black Lightning’s “Lightning Hand” projectile and a large Black Lighting symbol.

All of the above got me thinking: if NetherRealm is willing to go to those lengths to bring a premier skin into Injustice 2, then the selection of potential premier skins which might be added to the game in the future just got a lot bigger, and so I figured now would be as good a time as ever for a slightly revised Injustice 2 premier skin wishlist.

Robin – Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul

I still think this is one opportunity that NetherRealm would be crazy to miss. I mean, Talia and Ra’s raised and trained Damien Wayne (Injustice 2’s version of Robin) for god’s sake! Personally, I think Talia would be the more interesting choice, but since NetherRealm has said in the past that it’s not considering gender-swapped premier skins, Ra’s would be the more likely choice if this ever did happen.

Batman – Azrael, Batgirl, Batwoman

The fact that, in Batman: Arkham Knight, the redeemed vigilante Azrael had basically the same moveset as the Dark Knight was a bit of a letdown, but it can actually work in Injustice 2’s favor since Azrael would make a pretty serviceable premier skin for ol’ bats. Bringing Batgirl back into the fold in premier skin form (maybe a Cassandra Cain skin?) or even an entirely new character like Batwoman would be decent options too, but again, NetherRealm’s stance on gender-swap skins prevents such a possibility, at least for now.

If NetherRealm wanted Azrael to keep his sword, he could also work as a potential premier skin for Robin, but I’d say in terms of body type Azrael skews more closely to Batman than his estranged son.

Bane – Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy

The hulking sewer-dweller Killer Croc could make for a decent premier skin for Bane, especially since he’s already technically in Injustice 2 thanks to his appearance during a stage transition. Just swap out the aesthetics of Bane’s Venom-based character power with something like ‘Rage’ or ‘Animalistic Hunger’ and you’re good to go. Solomon Grundy could technically work as well, though I think there’s another member of the base roster who Grundy would be a better fit for…

Swamp Thing – Solomon Grundy

Swamp Thing’s nature-based fighting moves and special attacks could easily be swapped out for more necrotic versions where Solomon Grundy was concerned. The only potential hangup I can think of is Swamp Thing’s use of wings, though maybe Grundy could instead “hover” using necrotic magic or summon bat-wings or something. I’m sure NetherRealm could find a way to make it work.

Green Lantern – Sinestro (or another iconic Lantern)

I’m sure some die-hard Injustice fans would like to see the infamous Yellow Lantern Sinestro make a return, but having him show up as a premier skin for his Green Lantern nemesis Hal Jordan might rub some purists the wrong way. A better fit might be another iconic Lantern from a corp outside of Hope or Fear, though my admittedly limited amount of knowledge regarding Green Lantern lore prevents me from listing any specific examples.

Doctor Fate – Raven

Originally, I didn’t think Raven could work as a premier skin for Doctor Fate due to his uniquely-stylized talismans and spells, but since NetherRealm has shown it’s willing to alter such elements for premier skins (again, like what it did with Raiden and Black Lightning), that’s no longer a hindrance. However, what is still a hindrance is NetherRealm’s ‘no gender swaps’ rule. Fortunately, there’s another character who would actually be a much better fit for Raven.

Starfire – Raven

Yep, fellow Teen Titan Starfire could act as a serviceable base for a premier skin of her friend Raven. Naturally Raven would need to be given some appropriately darker spell effects, but overall I think such a pairing could definitely work, and it would also undoubtedly make Teen Titans fans happy.

Black Canary – Sonya Blade

Hey, Raiden and Black Lightning prove that NetherRealm is willing to give a Mortal Kombat character a DC counterpart, why not the other way around? I think Black Canary and Sonya Blade share a lot of similarities, including their martial arts fighting style and even the use of a sonic scream attack. I know many Injustice 2 purists want to keep the Mortal Kombat elements to a minimum, but this seems like yet another opportunity that’s too good for NetherRealm to pass up.

Hellboy – Lobo

Honestly, this one’s a bit of a gamble because we have absolutely no idea how Injustice 2’s version of Hellboy will fight. With that in mind, he does seem to have a lot of similarities to Lobo at a glance, including a penchant for chomping cigars while be blows enemies away with a shotgun. Again, I realize this is one heck of a stretch, but stranger things have happened.

Black Adam – Shazam

This would be a bit of a softball premier skin effort, but I’m willing to bet that loyal Shazam fans who were bummed he didn’t make the Injustice 2 roster cut would appreciate getting to take him for a spin, even if it was as a premier skin of his nemesis Black Adam

Red Hood – Erron Black

Of all the new characters who showed up in Mortal Kombat X, Erron Black was one of my favorites, and thus I think it’d be cool if he wound up becoming a premier skin for one of my favorite Injustice 2 characters: Red Hood. Again, much like Black Canary and Sonya Blade, the two share a few similarities such as the use of twin pistols and close-quarters blades. Just swap out Red Hood’s explosives with some sand grenades and you’re good.