While other headphones might have more features or a unique design, I feel like most gamers want a headset that ultimately does what a pair of headphones is designed to do: provide good sound.

The new Khan Pro from Roccat puts audio quality first and foremost – it’s the first ever Hi-Res audio-compatible gaming headset on the market, promising increased audio fidelity and crisper, clearer sound. Sound like music to your ears? Read on.

You can pick up the Roccat Khan Pro for $99.99.

Design and Comfort

The Khan Pro is one sleek looking headset. It’s got a very simple, streamlined feel that’s modern and stylish. The Roccat logo is printed on the right earcup and the Khan Pro name is printed on the left. The model I tested was all black, but black and gray, and black and white models are also available.

The first thing I noticed when trying out the Khan Pro was how light it was. At only 230g, I believe they might be the lightest gaming headset you can buy right now, and certainly the lightest I’ve tested. The lack of weight adds a tremendous amount of comfort to the Khan Pro. I could keep them on for hours without feeling fatigue.

The Khan Pro is so light that after a couple hours, they truly felt like they were just a part of my head. It’s especially impressive how light these things are considering that the earcups are also nicely padded and generously sized, forming a snug seal around my ears with plenty of breathing room. The earcups also swivel, perfect for resting the Khan Pro on my shoulder when they’re not in use. You can also remove the ear pads if you want to replace them, although they were a bit tricky to put back on.

My one complaint about the design of the Khan Pro is the plastic frame feels a bit cheap – I always felt like I was going bend the headphones the wrong way and snap them in half. Even though I’m sure it would add to the weight, I would’ve liked to see the frame made of some stronger materials, or in a perfect world, stronger, lighter materials. Also, the headband dug into my skull a bit. Roccat included some leatherette padding to mitigate some of this, but it didn’t completely solve the issue.

Features and Performance

Roccat’s big selling point with the Khan Pro is its “Hi-Resolution” sound. What this means is the 50mm drivers are certified to have a frequency response of 10Hz to 40Khz. This is a wider range than most headphones, giving the Khan Pro the capability to pump out a more accurate and complete sonic picture. It sounds too good to be true, and in some ways, it is.

These wider frequencies are beyond the range of human hearing, so while the Khan Pro is technically outputting them, you’re not going to hear them. So why did Roccat bother getting Hi-Res certification? The higher frequency range prevents some audible frequency roll-off in extremely high and extremely low frequencies, which does improve sound quality for some games and media. Still, I’m not entirely sure why Roccat decided to go with Hi-Res certification, and I would’ve rather seen them focus more on bigger and better drivers than on fancy certifications.

That’s not to say that the Khan Pro sounds bad. On the contrary, it actually sounds pretty good.

In game, the soundscape was very dynamic and wide. It gave a real impression of depth, and I found it remarkably immersive. I tried some first person shooters, platformers, and third person action games, and the sound really felt vibrant and alive. For music, I had a less enjoyable time. The higher frequencies were cut off, and the lower end was a little too murky. They’re serviceable, but they might not be your go to if you're a serious audiophile.

The microphone also performs well. My voice came out sounding clear and natural, and there was never any confusion about what I was trying to say. It did sound a little static-y and picked up a bit of background hum and hiss, but that’s to be expected on a headset microphone in this price range.

The Khan Pro is a little light on features, but the ones it has are pretty handy. You can adjust the volume of the Khan Pro with a dial on the left earcup, and the microphone automatically mutes when places in the upright position. This is more than enough to satisfy most gamers, but those looking for cool RGB lighting might have to keep looking.


The Roccat Khan Pro is a headset that does the important things right. It’s super comfortable and sounds fantastic in-game. However, a few nagging details keep it from being perfect. With a few tweaks, the next iteration of the Khan Pro should be out of this world.