Lets be honest. The original Gunworld was a game that carved itself into one hell of a niche that was only saved by it's price. Sure the game wasn't bug ridden, but it was extremely difficult, and the disappointment caused by that was alleviated by the extremely low price. In a digital marketplace that’s becoming more and more crowded by the week, only the most hardcore would have had the patience to learn the nuances of Gunworld needed to complete the game.

Gunworld 2 changes that by fixing many of the aspects that made the first game so incredibly difficult.

A Gunoverhead Map

Gunworld 2 has 3 modes, with story mode being the main one. After finding Dwayne, the hero from the first title, players set out to halt over-restrictive aliens who think Gunworld is out of control due to their planet’s unique ability to grow guns out of the ground. The (gun) world is more open this time, with an overhead map that moves away from the Megaman feel of the first game's level select.

This time, the map is closer to an RPG, with random battles and sections that open up as levels are cleared. There's even a bit of Metroidvania here, with the ability to level up and hooks in the world that are meant for items obtained in other levels. There are also random battles against small groups of enemies that start if you come into contact with a dark figure creeping around on the map.

The other modes are harder, but still not nearly as difficult as anything in the first title. There's an old-school mode that puts the main levels in a linear order, and another mode that randomizes the levels, gives the player one life, and ends at a boss after playing 8 of them.

New Gun City is now a shop

The biggest change to the difficulty is now there's a hub available in one of the levels from the first game, New Gun City. This hub is a safe place to walk around and enjoy the new shop available, which provides story related items and powerups that make the game a bit easier. You can also walk around and speak to townspeople who give hilarious hints about secret places on the overhead map. Even the useless sword is back and is made useful by cutting shrubbery out of the way or cutting through enemy armor.

Most enemies now drop money which, as the creator has said, allows the game to be beaten if enough effort is made by the player. This primarily boils down to one item that allows an instant respawn and can be bought in bulk to make it through difficult parts of the levels. At first, I appreciated the item being available, but even with the simple grind to earn the money to purchase it I started opting to learn the levels and try to beat them without using the item.

A better visit than the first one

While still very much an old school game that would have been at home on the NES or MS-DOS, Gunworld 2 is significantly easier than its predecessor. Rather than the Dark Souls comparison I made with the first title, Gunworld 2 is a slightly easier version of one of the first six Megaman games. The level design is better this time around and not based on cheap enemy placement. On top of this, the level up system that gives more health, and the other items available to get through difficult parts, make it so that players of all skill levels will be able to see the game to the end with enough effort.