The Corsair Scimitar RGB is touted by Corsair Gaming as being “the world’s most advanced MOBA/MMO gaming mouse.” That’s a bold statement, but one look at its revolutionary Key Slider macro button control system can be enough to change the mind of even the most seasoned WOW player. And with a 12,000 dpi optical sensor, 16.8 million color customizable backlighting system, and an optimized ergonomic design; the Scimitar RGB may very well live up to that claim.


There’s a plethora of RGB products available today, but what sets the Scimitar RGB apart from the competition is its unique Key Slider control system. Being able to adjust the exact position of the 12 mechanical side buttons is clearly a competitive advantage -- especially in regards to MOBA/MMO games where every single click is crucial. According to Corsair Gaming, this system was also designed to pro player specifications for ultra consistent tactile feedback and precise actuation.

Another great feature of the Scimitar is its 12,000 DPI zero-acceleration optical sensor. Adjusting the settings of this sensor using Corsair’s CUE software allows gamers to fine-tune the mouse exactly how they need it and delivers a precise gaming experience for any game. This is crucial for players of games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 who need to optimize settings depending on the game they’re playing.

One feature that may be overlooked by MOBA/MMO players is the 4-zone RGB lighting system. Unlike other RGB devices which allow you to set a single tone for the whole mouse, you can set different colors for the palm rest, mouse wheel, headlight, and side light on the Corsair. It’s a nice touch when you consider how much hype there is surrounding RGB devices these days, and how rare it is that one actually does something different from the pack.


The design of the Scimitar stands out: it has a yellow panel surrounding the side-buttons. This panel feels like metal, but is instead some sort of heavy duty plastic. However, this plastic doesn’t feel cheap and seems like it can take a beating from MOBA/MMO players who like to lift their mouse off the mousepad during intense games.

The design of the buttons is also something that stands out. Every other column has a grainy texture to it that not only makes it easy to find the exact number you’re looking for, but also gives the mouse a unique and aggressive look. The backplate behind the buttons is also a metallic panel which compliments the the yellow housing quite nicely.

Like all MOBA/MMO mice, the Scimitar is round and bulky. However, Corsair Gaming did a nice job making sure it was comfortable by adding rubber grips in just the right places. Implementing the braided cable to the left-side of the mouse (as opposed to the center) and yellow USB plug also make the design very appealing to those who want something different.


The reason MOBA/MMO mice are so bulbous is because gamers need to use every finger during gameplay. Comfort is a key feature for these types of mice because your fingers will get tired from all that clicking. And Corsair Gaming definitely considered this fact when designing the Scimitar.

There seems to be a resting spot for every finger just where you need it, and the shape has been crafted to fit the palm in a natural position. This is true for every hand size or grip style because its design is contoured in a way that is very adaptable. While the Scimitar is bulky, it almost feels like a regular-sized gaming mouse because of its well-designed shape.

The Key Slider system also makes it easy to find a comfortable position for the thumb and lets gamers adjust the buttons however feels best for them. MOBA/MMO players will definitely appreciate this when using the SCIMITAR RGB because they won’t be bound to placing their thumbs in an awkward position. It’s a great comfort feature that I hope more device manufacturers take note of.


The performance of the Scimitar was on par with my gaming mouse of choice: the Razer Deathadder. While the Deathadder is not a MOBA/MMO-specific mouse (that’s what the Naga is for), I had no trouble adjusting to the size the Scimitar because of its comfortable design. Clicking and scrolling during League of Legends felt just as smooth as when I tried the mouse with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The mouse was extremely responsive and accruate. This is largely due to its 1ms USB transfer rate but I also think the ergonomic design contributes. It’s easy to use, which makes it even easier to play.

Overall, the performance of the mouse was fantastic - even when I wasn’t gaming. It just felt right, and I appreciated the resting zones during those times I had to work late. 

Final Thoughts

The Scimitar is a great mouse for any gamer that is interested in MOBA/MMO games. I’m not sure if it’s “the world’s most advanced gaming mouse,” but I do think it’s an upgrade from the Razer Naga or Logitech G600. It may not turn you into a professional LoL  player, but at the very least you’ll be extremely comfortable while summoning a Champion.