Review: Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

Venturing into the market of gaming peripherals, Sennheiser  brings quality headphones to gamers with its Game Series headsets. The latest edition, the G4ME ZERO combines practicality with elegance, and comes with a two year warranty. Crafted with expertise, the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO has a sturdy and compact frame with bright and clean acoustics. With thoughtful nuances in design, the G4ME ZERO has all the high-quality components gamers look for in a gaming headset.


Sparing many of the luxury features found in comparatively priced headsets, the G4ME ZERO offers gamers a high quality yet simple headset. The microphone mutes with a distinct click when the boom arm is swiveled into the upright position, and the volume is controlled by a dial on the right earcup.

The best features for the G4ME ZERO are less noticeable but contribute greatly to headset's quality.

The speakers come with custom engineered transducers. Along with the enclosed earcup design, the transducers help isolate and filter in-game audio from ambient sounds. The leather padding on the earcups also create a seal, muffling ambient sounds that become inaudible when the headset is in use.


Sennheiser slightly widened the frequency response range for the speakers with a high end of 26,000 Hz. Since the current standard has a limit of 20,000 Hz, that extra range adds a bit more depth to treble presence.

The unadorned cable is over nine feet long, which gives the user a lot of flexibility in moving around.


Having a sleek design with small aesthetic touches, the G4ME ZERO is a flexible and sturdy headset with many clever design features. Though the compact headset felt flimsy and clumsy at first touch, it didn’t take me long to get used to the hinges and earcups.

The headset rests on two metal hinges that support the earcups and the headband. For compact storage, the earcups collapse with light pressure into the headband. Easy to pack away when not in use, the earcups rotate 90 degrees so the headset can lay flat. Conveniently, the headset unfurls from its collapsed position by simply picking it up from the headband.


The G4ME ZERO looks good. The red metal trim loops around each earcup in an oval with two bands that adorn the boom arm for the microphone. The three Sennheiser logos on the headset are small, drawing little attention to the branding and the outer metal pieces of the hinges are engraved so you can tell the left and right ear cup apart.

The flexible and sturdy plastic also helps to protect the G4ME ZERO from rough handling. As the earcups easily collapse into the headband, the most fragile part of the headset is the headband. However, the sturdy hinges prevent the headband from snapping.


The G4ME ZERO is light and provides a snug fit for the user. Despite the large circumaural earcups, the slim headband comfortably anchors the earcups around your ears. Draped in leather, the multi-layered memory foam material is smooth to the touch. With soft padding and a light weight, the G4ME ZERO fit securely to my head and didn’t produce any discomfort after extended use. The boom arm also doesn’t get in the way of enjoying a drink.



Sennheiser has a long reputation for creating quality audio headsets and that tradition extends to the G4ME ZERO. Offering a powerful stereo listening experience, the closed acoustic design provides a sound isolated environment. When in-game, these features translate into a focused auditory experience with reduced clutter and fewer distractions.

The G4ME ZERO is a simple plug-and-play stereo headset with a dual 3.5mm jack that splits the audio and microphone inputs. Though nothing out of the ordinary, the noise-cancelling microphone serves its function well, and I had no quality complaints over Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

The sound quality is a superb on the headset. The G4ME ZERO produces an overall bright sound experience thanks to the extended high frequency range. The bass also packs a punch. Although the G4ME ZERO amplifies the highs and lows, the middle frequencies don’t sound vacant. The closed cup design and custom-tailored transducers furnish the headset with a clean sound environment and deliver a clear frequency range.

While Sennheiser markets this line of headsets for gamers, I would argue that the G4ME ZERO is good enough for an audiophile. In addition to in-game sound, the headset performed well with other sources of audio, especially with music where the rich tone excelled at producing crisp and clear sound.


For in-game audio, you won’t find many headsets better than the G4ME ZERO until you start looking at surround sound headsets. The headset worked well with every game I played, and though qualified at reducing clutter and distractions by a few means of noise-cancellation and isolation, the headset is best suited for games with rich audio soundscapes.

Offering a sturdy and collapsible headset with top-notch sound quality, the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO is a high quality headset that comes at a high price. Lacking the high-end features commonly found in today’s gaming headsets, Sennheiser keeps things simple with a clever design. While you would be hard-pressed to find better sound quality in another gaming headset, you might be interested in a surround sound headset.


My View

Features: 7/10

Although the G4ME ZERO has clever and high-caliber features, they are few in number.

Design: 10/10

The subtle aesthetic looks nice. The flexible hinges and strong plastic are proof of the headset’s high class engineering. Overall, the G4ME ZERO has a practical and durable design.

Comfort: 8/10

The G4ME ZERO has a comfortable fit. The large earcups fit snugly around the ears and the curved padding below the ear allows for a better seal around your neck and upper jaw.

Performance: 9/10

The audio fidelity is top-notch, meeting the high standards of audiophiles. The microphone, while nothing exceptional, gets the job done.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The G4ME ZERO is a worthwhile purchase. In spite of its $280 price tag, the headset is finely engineered for quality audio and durability. It is at the top of the gaming stereo headset market, but at this price range you may consider a surround sound headset.

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