Resident Evil 3: Where to find all Hip Pouch inventory upgrades

Of all the different items and collectibles you can find during your Resident Evil 3 remake playthrough, Hip Pouches are undoubtedly some of the most valuable. Each Hip Pouch you find permanently expands your inventory by two slots, allowing you to carry more items on your person when out in the field. There are six Hip Pouches you can find in Resident Evil 3 (four as Jill and two as Carlos), and in this guide we’ll show you exactly where to locate all of them.

Hip Pouch #1 – Power Substation

When you enter the Power Substation to restore power to the subway, head up to the second floor to locate a control room that doubles as a save room with a typewriter and storage box. To the right of the typewriter is a stepladder with the Hip Pouch resting on top of it.

Hip Pouch #2 – Kite Bros. Railway Monument Puzzle

To get this second Hip Pouch, you’ll need to solve the Kite Bros. Railway Monument Puzzle which you might have spotted as you were exiting the subway during the story campaign’s beginning. Solving the puzzle requires finding three different jewels spread across the downtown area. If you’d rather not track down the jewels manually, we’ve got you covered. You’ll get a minor reward for each jewel you bring back to the monument, and when you return all three jewels your final reward will be the Hip Pouch.

Hip Pouch #3 – Sewer Security Room

Your main objective while exploring the sewers is to find a Battery Pack which allows you to open certain electronically locked doors. After getting the Battery Pack, you can use it to access the Security Room and find the Hip Pouch resting on a table inside.

Hip Pouch #4 – RCPD West Office

While exploring the Raccoon City Police Department as Carlos, one of the rooms you’re able to enter is the West Office. This room and the safe it contains will certainly look familiar if you played the Resident Evil 2 remake, and in fact the safe’s combination is exactly the same as it was in that game should you happen to remember it. If you don’t, you can either consult the above puzzle solutions guide or, if you want to find the safe combination code on your own, head over to the nearby Dark Room. You’ll find the Hip Pouch inside the safe.

Hip Pouch #5 – Hospital Lobby

Towards the end of the game, you’ll reach a point in the hospital where you need to defend the lobby from a horde of encroaching zombies as Carlos. During the battle, the hospital will lose power and a Hunter will burst out from a previously inaccessible room behind the reception desk. You’ll need to enter this new room to trip the hospital’s circuit breaker, and either during the fight or after the dust has settled you can grab the Hip Pouch on a shelf against the room’s back wall.

Hip Pouch #6 – Nest 2 Warehouse Safe Room

Once you’ve regained control of Jill in the hospital, head down into the underground passage and take the elevator to the Nest 2 lab. Before entering the lab’s massive warehouse area, you’ll pass through a save room and the final Hip Pouch will be waiting for you on a table right next to the typewriter.