Resident Evil 3 remake: Where to find every weapon part upgrade

Last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake allowed players to even the odds against the varied monstrous threats they encountered by equipping them with a number of different firearms and other weaponry. These firearms, while handy in their base form, could also be enhanced by finding a series of optional weapon parts, and that same system of finding and upgrading guns lives on in the much newer Resident Evil 3 remake.

In the below guide, we’ve catalogued every Resident Evil 3 weapon that can be upgraded using weapon parts and, more importantly, where players can find those parts. The parts can only be obtained during specific segments of the story campaign so if you want to find them all in a single go, you’ll definitely want to know ahead of time where each individual part is.

G19 Handgun

There are three different upgrades you can find for Jill’s default G19 handgun: the Red Dot Sight, the Extended Magazine, and the Moderator. All three must be obtained before Jill heads down to the sewers after restoring power to the subway.

Red Dot Sight – One of the very first puzzles you can solve during your Resident Evil 3 playthrough is figuring out the combination for the safe that’s in the second floor warehouse room near the Kite Brothers Railway building. We’ve listed the correct combination over in our puzzle solutions guide, but if you want to figure it out for yourself, you’ll find the solution over in the nearby pharmacy. The Red Dot Sight is your reward for successfully opening the safe.

Extended Magazine – To claim the Extended Magazine weapon part, you’ll need to tussle with your old pal Nemesis for a bit. While Nemesis is technically unkillable during the numerous times he chases Jill throughout the game, you can at least temporarily stun him by hitting him with sustained gunfire or big bursts of damage from an explosion or electric charge. If you manage to stun Nemesis multiple times during specific encounters, he’ll drop supply cases which contain the G19’s latter two upgrades.

To find the Extended Magazine upgrade, you’ll need to stun Nemesis a few times during the encounter immediately after restoring power to the Downtown substation. If you don’t have a lot of ammo to spare, try using a grenade if you have one or lure Nemesis over to the electric generator you can shoot to zap him. 

Moderator – After you successfully solve the subway route puzzle in the Kite Brothers Railway building, you’ll encounter Nemesis again right outside Moon’s Donuts where he’ll be infecting standard zombies with a weird head parasite. Again, as with the Extended Magazine upgrade, stunning him should get him to drop a second supply case which contains the G19’s Moderator weapon part. If there are any red explosive barrels nearby, they can help you bring the big guy down while also conserving ammo.

M3 Shotgun

Jill’s M3 shotgun can also be upgraded with three different weapon parts: the Tactical Stock, Semi-Auto Barrel, and Shell Holder. These three parts are a bit more spread out across the entire story campaign than the G19’s parts, and in fact you won’t find the final part until you’re approaching the campaign’s final act.

Tactical Stock – During the opening Downtown act of the campaign, there’s an optional puzzle you can solve involving the Kite Bros. Monument down in the subway station. Solving the puzzle involves finding three separate gems hidden throughout the Downtown area and returning them to the monument. You’ll get a reward for each gem you return, and if you manage to return at least two of the gems your reward will be the Tactical Stock weapon part. The above puzzle solutions guide explains where to find all three gems.

Semi-Auto Barrel – After exiting the sewers and fighting Nemesis up on the rooftop, you’ll get to visit a familiar location from the Resident Evil 2 remake: Kendo’s Gun Shop. There are a number of items you can loot from the shop’s shelves, including the shotgun’s Semi-Auto Barrel weapon part.

Shell Holder – The final segment of Resident Evil 3’s story campaign involves heading down into the Spencer Memorial Hospital’s basement as Jill and using an elevator to travel down into the NEST 2 lab. The first thing you’ll have to do after entering NEST 2 is explore a massive underground warehouse so you can find a series of fuses to restore power to the lab’s command center lift.

As you’re exploring the warehouse, you’ll eventually reach a shortcut back to the lab’s initial save room near a staircase after fighting some zombie dogs. There’s also a switch by the staircase that lowers a nearby lift, and in a dark corner near the lift is a case containing the Shell Holder weapon part. 

CQBR Assault Rifle

Both Jill and Carlos have their own CQBR assault rifles if you’re playing on the easier Assisted difficulty level, but if you’re playing on the Standard difficulty or higher it will be a Carlos-exclusive weapon. No matter who has access to it, the CQBR can also be upgraded with three different weapon parts: an AR Scope, Tactical Grip, and Dual Magazines.

AR Scope – The AR Scope weapon part is found in the Raccoon City Police Department, specifically in the West Office on the first floor. To get it, make sure you kill zombie Brad Vickers shortly after arriving at the station to get his S.T.A.R.S. ID Card. You can use the card to open a number of specially locked cases throughout the station, including the case containing the AR Scope in the West Office.

Tactical Grip – After reaching the second floor of the hospital, you can access the central courtyard by hopping out of one of two different broken windows. The courtyard contains a few items you can snag along with a case housing the Tactical Grip weapon part.

Dual Magazines – You’ll find the Dual Magazines weapon part in a safe in the Nurse’s Station on the hospital’s second floor. Again, as with the G19’s Red Dot Sight part, we listed the safe’s combination in our above linked puzzle solutions guide. If you want to find the safe combination for yourself, you’ll need to first gain access to the first floor Surgery Room by obtaining the Hospital ID Card in the second floor Staff Room. A note in the Surgery Room contains the combination.

Also, one thing to note: make sure you open the safe and grab the Dual Magazines part as Carlos. If you try to open the safe later on after you’ve switched back to Jill, it will already be open and empty. This actually makes sense considering the hospital is the last time you play as Carlos and thus you won’t have access to the CQBR assault rifle for the rest of the game after switching back to Jill (assuming you’re playing on Standard difficulty or higher).

.44 AE Lightning Hawk Magnum

If you take the time to explore the hospital as Jill and find the .44 AE Lightning Hawk magnum, you can also find a single weapon part upgrade for it: the Extended Magazine.

Extended Magazine – After finding all the fuses in the NEST 2 Lab underground storage warehouse and taking the lift up to the central command room, look behind the main row of computers near the big window looking out onto the warehouse. Over in the right-hand corner on the floor is a case holding the Extended Magazine weapon part.

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