Resident Evil 3 remake: All locker combinations and puzzle solutions

Everything in Resident Evil 3 is trying to murder you or eat you or both. Who has time to worry about locks and puzzles in a situation like that? We figured out all the puzzles and all the locker combinations so you can focus on fighting your way through Raccoon City.

As a general note: all lockers and boxes locked with yellow locks can be opened using Jill’s lockpick. You get this in the first hour or so of the game, at the power substation.

Raccoon City

Gem location for train station puzzle

This funky optional puzzle is a little complicated. You can completely miss this puzzle if you’re not careful, but you’ll want to undertake it because the rewards are very good. To unlock this puzzle, you need three gems.

All of these gems are found inside of fancy boxes that you need to examine in order to open. Then you can place the gem in the machine to get the reward. The more gems you use, the better rewards you receive.

Gem 1: Frag grenade

Gem 2: Tactical stock for shotgun 

Gem 3: An RPD pouch that expands your inventory by two slots

Red Box location

Save room in the kitchen of the donut shop

Blue Box location 

Toy Uncle (you need the lockpick to get in)

Green Box location 

Supermarket (you need the boltcutters to get in)

Note that once Nemesis chases you back into the train station, you can no longer gather gems for this puzzle. Make sure you have all the necessary gems. The best way to ensure this is as soon as you get the boltcutters and lockpick, double back to Toy Uncle and the supermarket and get the boxes. The Nemesis starts chasing you once you’ve turned the power back on at the substation, so be sure to get the gems before that!

However, if you haven’t gotten the gems before the Nemesis starts chasing you, you can still pop the locks and get them. The Nemesis actually waits politely outside of the Supermarket and the Toy Uncle while you go shopping. However, he’s still waiting to cash you outside (how bout dah?! Sorry.), so be ready. 

Safe combination for safe in small warehouse room on fire escape

9 Left

1 Right

8 Left

Train routing puzzle 

RE 01 (This entry is locked in - it’s the train’s starting point) 

FA 02

RA 03

SA 02

FO 01 (This entry is locked in - it’s the train’s destination)

RPD Station

RPD west office safe combination

9 Left

15 Right 

7 Left

Locker in the lockerroom at the RPD


Locker on the third floor of the RPD 



Nurse station safe combination

9 clockwise

3 counter-clockwise

Underground Lab

Vaccine puzzle