Resident Evil 2: How to unlock infinite ammo in Ghost Survivors

Like any good Capcom experience, Resident Evil 2’s free Ghost Hunters DLC is chock full of hidden easter eggs and unlockables. For the most part, said unlockables are merely cosmetic accessories which can add some fun flair to an otherwise tense survival run. There’s one accessory, however, which grants infinite ammo for all weapons when equipped.

Unsurprisingly, the conditions for unlocking the infinite ammo accessory aren’t easy to fulfill. In fact, you can’t even start unlocking the accessory until you first gain access to an entirely separate unlockable. This guide will detail how exactly you can unlock the infinite ammo accessory while also providing tips for meeting its stiff unlock criteria.

Unlocking the No Way Out scenario

Before you can start working towards the infinite ammo accessory, you have to first unlock the Ghost Survivors’ hidden bonus scenario, No Way Out. To unlock No Way Out, you have to first complete the DLC’s three default scenarios, No Time to Mourn, Runaway, and Forgotten Soldier, on their standard non-training mode difficulty levels.

Once you’ve cleared the three standard scenarios, you can try your hand at No Way Out. The bonus scenario functions a little differently, in that you have to hold out in a fixed position rather than journeying from point A to B. The scenario tasks you with surviving a continuous onslaught of 100 zombies as Sheriff Daniel Cortini, while holed up in the gas station from the beginning of Resident Evil 2’s main campaign.  

Raccoon City Gunslinger

Merely finishing No Way Out is a pretty tall order, but if you want the infinite ammo accessory, it only gets harder. To unlock these adorable cat ears, you have to earn the Gunslinger in-game record for the game’s Ghost Survivors record category. Earning the Gunslinger record requires finishing No Way Out on its standard difficulty while firing no more than 60 handgun shots.

Given that your handgun in No Way Out has infinite ammo, earning the Gunslinger record essentially requires that you purposefully give up your greatest zombie-slaying asset. It’s a tough condition to put yourself under, but not an impossible one as you’ll soon see. 

How to earn the Gunslinger record

Since you can’t rely on your pistol like you could in a standard No Way Out run, proper resource management is the most important thing you need to worry about. You can keep track of how many handgun bullets you’ve fired by checking the Gunslinger record from the pause menu. Try to make the most of your 60 allotted rounds by only going for headshots against non-Pale-Head zombies.

When a zombie with a red gas tank on its back shows up, try to “lead” any other nearby zombies around so that they group up with the gas tank zombie. This way you can use one bullet to instantly kill several zombies at once. Once you find an SMG, you can use it to quickly kneecap a gas tank zombie so that you can more easily lead other zombies over to its position.

One of the new features introduced in Ghost Survivors is the ability to manually discard weapons. When you reach 60 rounds fired for your handgun, you should go ahead and discard it. This will free up precious inventory space and ensure you don’t accidently equip and fire the gun later on in the run. With your handgun gone, you’ll be entirely dependent on the weapons dropped by backpack zombies. Here’s how best to utilize all of the other weapons you’ll find throughout the run:


Two separate shotguns drop throughout the run. The first is the basic model which is good for scoring headshots but only has a handful of shells. You should discard this model once the ammo is used up, since you’ll find a better model later on that’s equipped with the long barrel attachment. The long barrel shotgun can dispatch Pale Heads with two headshots.


Several SMG’s drop throughout the run so, again, feel free to discard one once its ammo is spent. Given its low damage and stopping power, the SMG is best used as a utility tool. Use it to kneecap zombies and finish them off once they’re crawling on the floor. The SMG is also a good alternative for igniting gas tank zombies when you want to preserve handgun rounds.

Spark Shot

Even though the Spark Shot is the very first non-handgun weapon you’ll find, and even though a second Spark Shot drops later in the run, you should try to preserve its limited ammo as much as you can. This is because a full Spark Shot charge can kill any zombie, even a Pale Head. Just make sure your immediate vicinity is clear when you fire since it takes a few seconds to get the full charge off.

Chemical Flamethrower

You’ll learn to love the Chemical Flamethrower since it is hands down your greatest zombie-killing asset once you ditch your handgun. To preserve fuel, lead zombies into tightly bunched groups and then tap the trigger to hit them with short “spurts” of flame. Five to seven spurts should be enough to kill even the tougher armored and Pale Head zombies.

Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

You only get two shots with this bad boy so make them count. As you might expect, the rocket launcher can annihilate any zombie, but using it against a single foe is a waste. Gather up as many zombies as you can and then drop the hammer to wipe them all out.

As for non-weapon items, try to avoid combining herbs unless you need to save space or get a Red/Blue/Green combo. Once poison-emitting purple smoke zombies start showing up you’ll want to conserve as many blue herbs as you can. Also, if you have a flash grenade, one trick you can use is to purposefully charge into one or two stray zombies. When the zombie grabs you and you counter with the grenade, other zombies should hopefully wander over, essentially giving you a “free” opportunity to group them up and then hit them with a rocket or explosive gas tank.

It can be tough avoiding the zombies in such close quarters, but the island-style counter near the front of the store is a good spot for “juking” around zombies if there are only one or two. Later on in the run, though, expect that you’ll get bitten a few times and just do your best to recover and move away quickly. With a Red/Blue herb defensive buff active, Sheriff Cortini is surprisingly durable, so rest assured that getting bit once or twice isn’t the end of the run.

Once you manage to survive the zombie horde and unlock the Gunslinger record, the coveted infinite ammo-granting Cat Ears accessory will be yours!