Report: EA Vancouver’s Star Wars game has been cancelled

When Electronic Arts shuttered Dead Space developer Visceral Games back in 2017, the studio’s unannounced Star Wars game (which was being helmed by industry luminary Amy Hennig) was repurposed and shifted over to EA Vancouver. Now, a Kotaku report points to the game’s outright cancellation.

According Kotaku’s Jason Schreier the game was codenamed “Orca” and would have involved playing as a bounty hunter who gets to explore multiple open-world planets. However, thanks to the development time needed to finish the game, EA has decided to cancel it, according to Kotaku sources.

The same sources who spoke with Kotaku also say that EA’s new short-term plan is to release a smaller-scale Star Wars game by the end of 2020. This game will likely be separate from Titanfall developer Respawn’s own Star Wars project, a game titled Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Lastly, the Kotaku sources say that nobody was laid off as a result of the EA Vancouver project’s cancellation.