Report: Agents of Mayhem developer hit with major layoffs

Sources say that Agents of Mayhem developer Volition has been hit with a bit of downsizing that has resulted in the laying off of a sizeable portion of the team’s staff.

Neither Volition nor publisher Deep Silver (which owns Volition) have commented on the reported layoffs as of the time of this writing, but several different sources have told Kotaku that over 30 members of the Volition team, including the studio’s general manager Dan Cermak, have been let go. Volition has been operating with a team of about 200 people, so if the reports are true, the loss of over 30 team members, while not catastrophic, is still significant.

The reports also suggest that the layoffs are a result of the poor sales figures for Volition’s most recently released game, the Saints Row spinoff title Agents of Mayhem which launched last month. Agents of Mayhem was greeted with a tepid reception from players, and it didn’t fare much better when it came to official reviews, making it easy to connect the dots of the reports of layoffs do indeed end up being accurate.