Red Dead Redemption 2: How to get 100 percent completion

Red Dead Redemption 2 is easily one of the densest games of 2018, which means that if you want to “complete” Rockstar’s wild west simulator that you’re going to need to walk all aspects of Arthur Morgan’s life from fisherman to criminal and everything in between.

The good news is that Rockstar already has a system in place for completion, which most people first notice when they save their game and notice that they’ve somehow ghosted through 20 percent of the content in the first two chapters.

This system tracks a lot more than just story progress and can be viewed from the compendium but there’s a lot to it, so let’s dive into everything you need to do to put Red Dead Redemption 2 in the ground with a big ol’ 100 percent sticker on the coffin.

The Requirements

Before you panic about trying to 100 percent a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, which has an almost insane amount of things to do, it’s important to realize that to “complete” the game and get 100 percent completion that you don’t have to do absolutely everything.

Rockstar has a very specific list of things that they essentially want you to try in Red Dead Redemption 2, and although there are plenty of nitty gritty collectibles that you have to grind through from Valentine to Annesburg, there are a lot of smaller objectives that they just want you to get a taste of, but that you don’t have to go all out on to complete.

It’s also important to note that we’re going into heavy spoiler territory here. There are some challenges and collectibles required for full completion that are marked with question marks in the compendium for a reason. So, proceed with caution if you’re wary of spoilers.

Missions and Events:

Complete all 107 story missions:

From start to finish, complete the entire Red Dead Redemption 2 story no matter what it takes.

Complete 10 stranger missions:

Although technically you run into a lot of stranger missions just wandering around, this challenge refers directly to stranger missions that show up as a white, circular question marks that require a bit extra effort compared to meeting a random stranger on the trail.

Complete 5 bounties:

Keep an eye out wanted posters anytime you’re near a town and this one should be done before the third chapter. If you’re having trouble finding bounties remember that you can sort the index on the map to filter out everything except certain mission types.

Complete 25 chance encounters:

Chance encounters are the encounters you run into the most while just out wandering the trail. These could be anything from coming across a robbery or a kidnapping to helping out some poor schmuck who was bitten by a rattlesnake.         

Bushwacked, survive a gang ambush:

This is another challenge that will probably end up happening long before you need it to. If not, just ride around on roads near major cities like Rhodes and eventually a gang will roll out the big guns to try and take you out. Either kill or run away from the enemies and you’ll be able to mark this one off your list.

Find and clear all six gang hideouts:

This one is tough, but we’ll have a guide out soon to show you exactly where to find all six gang hideouts in the game. You find and destroy four of the hideouts just as part of the main story, but there are two others that you have to track down on your own. That said, you don’t have to wait for the story missions to storm the hideouts in question, which gives you more time to loot the area and search pockets on your own.


Find a point of interest:

A point of interest is any area that prompts you to hold triangle/Y to have Morgan quickly sketch out a portrait in his journal. There are a lot of these spread across the country, but the most recognizable is the Old Viking Tomb northwest of Annesburg, and if you take the time to search it properly you’ll get a Viking mask and hatchet for your trouble.

Spoiler warning, the next section contains plot specific spoilers

Find the graves of your nine dead companions:

There are nine graves you’ll need to find, but as you might expect some of these graves aren’t available until you reach a certain point in the game. Once you’ve completed the main story and made some headway into the epilogue, everyone that was due to die should be in the ground, which means it’s time to go looking for their graves. For reference, there are two graves in the snowy area from chapter one, a grave northwest and southeast of Rhodes, two graves north of Saint Denis, one grave southwest of Annesburg (west of the Elysian Pool), and two graves west and east of Donner Falls north of Bacchus Station.

Collect one full cigarette card set:

This one can be completed through a combination of a ton of premium cigarettes and a lot of checking nooks and crannies of various cabins and forts for tiny playing cards. This is mostly luck of the draw, but if you explore the countryside and smoke like a chimney it’ll happen eventually. The good news is that we don’t have to find every single cigarette card set in the game, which would probably take years.

Dinosaur Bones:

Finding all thirty dinosaur bones is a real challenge and can only be accomplished by wandering the countryside looking in every ravine and canyon for exposed bones. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to this one, you just have to find all 30 collectibles once you have access to the entire map in the epilogue. The good news is you get the Jawbone Knife for your trouble at the end of the quest.         

Catch all 13 Legendary Fish:

This one doesn’t give you any shortcuts like with the legendary animals, you’re going to need to catch all 13 legendary fish starting from Chapter 3. Your best bet here is to buy the more expensive lures early and search far and wide for the fish in question. Most large remote lakes and streams will have a legendary fish in them, and there’s even a few available off the docks near major water-adjacent cities.

Finish “The Duchesses and Other Animals” missions:

This is probably one of the toughest collectible missions in the game that becomes available after completing the mission “The Gilded Cage” in chapter four of the story. Once you finish the first stage of the quest there are five others that send you galivanting across the map for rare, exotic items like feathers, orchids, and gator eggs.

Here are the items he requests:

  • Five Reddish Egret plumes
  • Five Little Egret plumes
  • Five Snowy Egret plumes
  • Fifteen lady of the night orchids


  • Seven Lady Slipper orchids
  • Ten Moccasin Flower orchids
  • Twenty Heron plumes


  • Three Acuna’s Star orchids
  • Five Ghost orchids
  • Seven Cigar orchids
  • Twenty-Five Alligator Eggs


  • Five Night Scented orchids
  • Five Spider’s orchids
  • Ten Rat Tail orchids
  • Thirty Spoonbill plumes


  • Five Dragon’s Mouth orchids
  • Five Clamshell orchids
  • Five Queen’s Orchids
  • Ten Sparrow’s Egg orchids

Finding all the required items is an absolute chore, but you do get a unique hat and weapon for your trouble.               

Find all 10 Rock Carvings:

The Rock Carvings in question are part of the Geology for Beginners quest given to you by Francis Sinclair northwest of Strawberry. There are ten in all and they can be found on the edges of cliffs, ravines, and snowy mountain tops across the map.

Finish all five hunting requests:

Occasionally, you’ll find various hunting requests at post offices in major cities, and completing each one will reward you with a pile of cash and eventually a letter from the person requesting the specimens. You can’t complete all five requests until the epilogue but they’re pretty straightforward, if a little annoying when it comes to the more specific smaller animals. It’s best to keep a varmint rifle on hand and consistently scan the skies and river banks for animals that might fit your current hunting request.

Find one treasure:

Spread across the map there are various treasures hidden by dead or dying gangs snuffed out by the Pinkertons, lawmen, or even other outlaws. This completion objectives just wants you to find a treasure map and use it to track down own of these hidden caches.

You’ll find some treasure maps hidden away in cabins and caves and others on the bodies of strangers or bounty hunters looking to make a quick buck. Either way, once you have your hands on a map you just need to line up the local landmarks to find the cache of gold and resources and complete the treasure hunt.

Find all 20 Dreamcatchers:

There are no real tips for finding the dreamcatchers in question, just keep your eyes on low hanging branches as you travel around the countryside. All 20 dreamcatchers will be attached to trees and are pretty easy to spot once you know to actually look for them.

Compendium: Animals, Flora, Fishing, and Hunting

Discover 50 Animals:

Because there are so many animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 this completion objective is actually really easy. Anytime you kill and skin an animal or scan it with your binoculars it gets automatically added to the compendium. So, just get out there to explore a bit and you’ll complete this one in no time.

Find or craft 10 pieces of equipment

Equipment in Red Dead Redemption 2 refers to any and all holsters, bandoliers, or belts you can purchase or craft from the trapper. The key to this completion objective is to start grinding ranks in challenges. Every challenge has a corresponding set of equipment that you can craft after reaching a certain rank in a challenge category. So, getting your hands on the gambler holster involves first finishing the rank one gambler challenge and then visiting a trapper to actually craft the item.

You can pick up a reinforced gunbelt, holster, and bandolier from the gunsmith in the catalogue to get started but you’ll need to craft at least 8 other pieces of equipment by completing challenges and visiting a trapper to mark this off the list permanently.  

Discover 10 fish species:

Catch and release or fry over an open fire. You’ll need to visit the bait shop in Lagras to get all the bait and lures you need but otherwise this objective just takes a lot of time and patience. You’re going to need to go to quite a few different watering holes and test a lot of different baits to find them all, but it’s worth doing if you’re looking for a peaceful way to round off your Red Dead experience.

Discover all gangs:

This one is a bit more complicated because there are six gangs in Red Dead Redemption 2 but you’re not likely to encounter all of them until after you’ve completed the main story and the epilogue. You’ll encounter the O’Driscolls, the Lemoyne Raiders, and the Murfree Brood just casually exploring the initial map, but you won’t meet the Del Lobo gang until you unlock New Austin and the Laramie Gang also won’t show up at Hanging Dog Ranch until you storm their hideout in the epilogue.

The Skinner gang on the other hand can only be found at a single camp in New Austin located southwest of Blackwater between Manzanita Post and Quaker’s Cove.

Discover 10 horse breeds:

The best way to get this one out of the way is to just ride around the area and study any wild horses or other riders you come across.

Discover 20 plants species:

If you haven’t been off-road-horsing this whole time, now’s the time to start. While riding around, activate your eagle eye every few seconds and look for floating particles in the air to zero in on patches of herbs. You’ll need 20 in all but as long as you focus on a wide variety of climates you should find 20 variants in short order.

Use 48 different weapon types

This one takes a pretty penny and a willingness to really get out there and explore. Unfortunately, to find 48 you’re going to need more weapons than what you can snag by buying the entire gunsmith’s catalogue. This means that you’re also going to need to look far and wide for a number of custom weapons or variants that take up their own slot in the compendium. The rule of thumb is that if you can equip it that it probably counts towards your goal in the compendium, so you’re looking for everything from custom revolvers and rifles to a new hatchet or knife.

If you’re interested in every unique weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 you can check out our full guide here.

Player Character Objectives

Reach max health, stamina, and Dead Eye

This one will happen pretty naturally as you progress through the game. The important thing is to remember to get off your horse every once in a while for some cardio and to occasionally do some chores around the camp for bonus experience in certain categories.             

Achieve level four bonding with your horse:

A level four bond will probably just happen naturally as you play, but if it doesn’t just take the time to pat your horse and give it a good brushing before you ride, and it’ll get there in no time.          

Complete all nine challenges from start to finish

Each challenge has ten ranks, which means you’re looking at ninety challenges in total for this completion objective. It’s a lot of skill challenges but most of them are pretty reasonable, we suggest starting on these early because a lot of them are the kind of thing you can complete when you’re casually riding from objective to objective. It’s also worth mentioning that you can keep track of your challenges and see your current objectives by tapping the left directional button on your controller and then tabbing over to the challenges section.


Explore Five Shacks:

Red Dead Redemption 2’s shacks are unique cabins spread across the map that have some kind of specific secret or event associated with them, which usually translates to a hidden stash, some kind of small environmental story, or a light encounter with some kind of animal or stranger. There are only 19 shacks in total spread across the whole map, so finding five can be tricky but isn’t impossible as long as you keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re having trouble there are five shacks specifically in the area around Saint Denis and Rhodes that count towards this goal, and because of the shape of the geography in this area it’s relatively easy to grid and search the area while hunting or doing side quests in the area.

Kill Five Legendary Animals:

This one is pretty manageable, and although we recommend hunting down all the legendary animals for the money and gear, you technically only need five for total completion. If you’re having trouble you can check out our guide for the location of every legendary animal in the game.

Play each table game once

This one is straightforward, just look for an available game of any kind every time you stop by camp or go past a bar in a town and you should find someone to sit down at a table with for a hand of cards. You’ll need to play dominoes, blackjack, poker, and at least one version of five finger filet for full completion.

Interact with 5 special characters

This goal involves having a conversation with five of the unique strangers out in the world that might not send you on a grand, epic quest into the wilderness, but that want to speak to Arthur regardless. This includes the famous encounter with Gavin’s friend, the various war veterans you can speak to in major cities, and other interesting characters you can find exploring the game.

If you’re having trouble finding these characters, we recommend just walking around the streets of Saint Denis for a few in game days and you’ll run into a variety of characters that count towards this completion goal.

Take a bath

You can take a bath in almost any major town, so just hit up Valentine or Saint Denis and visit a local hotel. Speak to the person at the front desk and you’ll find the option to purchase a bath alongside the option to buy a bed for the night. Once you’ve paid just head up to the bathroom and you’re free to bathe in peace, or with a little company if you don’t mind paying for a deluxe upgrade.

Watch a show

This includes any show outside of the theater in Saint Denis so the one outside Valentine is your best bet. Pay a bit of cash, kick back and enjoy the show.

Go to the Theater in Saint Denis

You can finish this one either on your own time or as part of the side quests with Arthur’s old flame, either way this is just paying for entrance and then kicking back.

Craft six different items from separate categories:

This one can take a while because you need six separate recipes each from their own category. So, you can’t craft six different tonics and come out on top, instead you need six recipes that each fit into their own subcategory. For example, you need something like one tonic, one ammo type, one cooked meal, a piece of hunting gear, an item for your horse, and a crafted throwable weapon to hit all six categories.

Complete a home robbery, a shop robbery, a coach robbery, and a train robbery

This one gets easily halfway done just by completing main story quests, but you’ll still probably need to rob a shop at one point on your own to get full completion. In general, these robberies can be a bit tricky and can get expensive if you run into the law. So, we suggest making a manual save, using your mask, and in general focus on getting in and out of the situation as fast as possible.

This might mean you need to keep things quiet, but brutal. If you’re going to rob a shop for example, you don’t want to walk in and blast the shopkeep with a pistol or a shotgun, but a well-placed throwing knife or arrow will keep things quiet long enough for you to snag some loot and make it off into the wild green yonder.