The randomly generated band names in Civilization VI are great

One of the most entertaining additions in the newest expansion for Civlization VI, Gathering Storm, is rock bands. These late-game units become an important part of the cultural victory path. You send them into territory belonging to other civilizations to perform concerts, which in turn result in big influxes of the "tourism" points you need to win a culture victory.

Rock bands can be a little frustrating to use, since they have an unfortunate tendency to retire after their initial performance (a small tip here: pick inital promotions that allow the bands to perform at higher levels on specific hex types, then only send them to perform on those hexes. Their chance of retiring can drop to a third of what it would be without this upgrade).

But what isn't frustrating about rock bands is the quality of the randomly generated names Civ VI will give them when they are first recruited. These two-word names usually involve an adjective and then a noun, and frequently reference Civilization units or concepts.

You can of course give your rock bands any name you like, but the randomly generated ones are so good you'll rarely feel the urge to actually change them. Here's a list of 20 strong contenders I randomly rolled up in a recent game.

20 Fantastic Random Band Names Produced by Civ VI

Little Builders

Arctic Vultures

Hot Noise

Traditional Diety

Electric Jacket

Silent Ranger

Air Punk

Dire Crows

Young Sabotage - This is a really good name for a hip-hop artist with Beastie Boys influences.

Perfume Observations

Psychadelic Robots

Super Stones

New Eyes

Atomic Emu

Day High

Blue Ghost

Giant Puppies

Cold Country

Smashing Hats

Mega Wolf