Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Recap and Year 4 Updates

This year’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational was very exciting. Not only did we see a ton of new faces, like Team Empire from Russia and Nora-Rengu from Japan, we also saw the longest game in professional Siege history, and the biggest prize pool ever at two million dollars.

G2 Esports was favored to win, and win they did, but the journey to that final match up was extraordinary. From the Quarter Finals to the Semi-Finals, and all the way up to the final game with G2 facing off against Team Empire, there were some truly unforgettable moments throughout the tournament.

And, as always, there are a whole bunch of tweaks coming for Year 4 that were announced during the Invitational. Not only are there two new Australian Operators and a new map, there’s some interesting solutions to team killing, map reworks, and a very cool newcomer mode that should help to address Siege’s serious learning curve.

You can play with the new Outback map and the two new operators on Siege’s PTR now.