Rage 2 post-launch content and DLC roadmap announced

Once Rage 2 launches next week, Bethesda will get busy on a bevy of post-launch content for the game. The company recently shared its post content roadmap on its blog.

A graphic details a schedule planned content which includes the launch of World Events, Cheat Codes, skins, and two expansions.

The roadmap includes "community challenges," which provide free skin rewards to everyone who participates, new Cheats that allow players to modify elements of the game, and significant additions to game world, including drivable mechs and giant worm enemies.

The two expansions are paid DLC, but will bring in a new campaign, new weapons, new abiltiies, and new vehicles. There's no word on the cost or the exact launch for the expansions.

Rage 2 arrives on May 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.