Rage 2 gets a jaw-blasting new gameplay trailer

Rage 2’s live action trailer yesterday promised a huge gameplay release, and id Software delivered this morning along with a massive number of details on Rage 2’s brand new open world. A world that’s chock full of neon color, insane over-the-top action, and all the Mad Max style car battles you can shake a stick at.

The trailer also showcases a lot of in game footage that demonstrates what the game’s new protagonist Walker, the Last Ranger of Vineland (not from Texas, maybe) will be up against and teases the new weapons and abilities he’ll be bringing to the anarchy party. Considering it looks like Rage 2 is going to be taking the open world route with the help of Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios Walker is going to need all the help he can get.

Fortunately, the blog post over on Bethesda’s official site indicates that Walker is going to be packing quite an arsenal. As a Ranger, Walker is one of the last survivors of an Ark, which means his blood is brimming with nanites that allows him to heal bullet wounds on the fly and crawl away from explosive wrecks that would drop anyone else like a sack of potatoes.

These nanites can also be channeled into several unique and powerful abilities, a few of which are your standard charge, psi-blast, and ground pound abilities, but even more are linked to Walker’s Overdrive meter. When Walker goes into Overdrive, he instantly begins to regenerate health, and the nanites in his blood will go to work on his weapons: increasing their damage and changing their behavior on the battlefield to make slaughtering armies of bandits and hordes of mutants a much more manageable task.

Although this nanite-infused blood is the key to Walkers survival, it’s also going to make him a target. The Authority the fascist military regime from the first game will be returning under a new leader in Rage 2, and they’ve been hunting Rangers relentlessly for their nanite infused blood, hence the reason that Walker is the last remained Ranger in the wasteland.

All in all, Rage 2 is shaping up to be a promising new shooter from the pros over at id software, and with Avalanche Studios on their side we can’t wait to see what else Bethesda has in store for us at E3 this year.