The Quakecon 2019 Keynote was all about DOOM with a dash of Rage

QuakeCon kicked off in a big way this week with a keynote that featured everything from new content coming to Rage 2 to a boatload of details about Battlemode, Doom Eternal’s competitive game mode that pits a team of two iconic DOOM demons against one battle ready Slayer.

So, let’s dive into everything announced at the Quakecon 2019 Keynote, and everything you need to know about Doom Eternal’s Battlemode.

Rage 2 Update 2

Rage 2’s second update pack is launching alongside Wolfenstein Youngblood and Cyberpilot this week, with new content including New Game Plus, Ultra Nightmare difficulty, Ironman mode, and a host of new wacky cheats, skins, and quality of life tweaks to make it easier than ever to Rage against the machine.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood launch trailer

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot and Youngblood are ready to play now, and Bethesda released a new launch trailer to give you one last look at a cooperative Wolfenstein before you dive in at home.

Original DOOM Franchise is coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

Die-hard DOOM fans can rejoice, because Bethesda and id software announced that the first three DOOM games are officially available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s the first time we’ve seen these games come to modern platforms, and they’re the perfect opportunity to dive back into the retro shooters that launched an entire genre of FPS games.

For gamers on the go, DOOM and DOOM II are also coming to mobile devices, which means you can gib enemies in classic DOOM style even on your smartphone or tablet.

DOOM Guy meets the DOOM Hunter

Kicking things off with their Doom Eternal content, id software demoed the DOOM Hunter, a new demon coming to Doom Eternal that resembles nothing less than a flying, demonic tank with a chainsaw arm.

The DOOM Hunter was teased by id Software at E3 as a member of a group of demons obsessed with hunting the Doom Slayer to the ends of the known universe. As a result, you can expect DOOM Hunters to have plenty of tricks in store to make life challenging for even the most experienced slayers on the battlefield.

In the demo footage we saw DOOM Guy targeting the tank-like hover jets that make up the Hunter’s lower half, which could mean blowing bits off the DOOM Hunter’s chassis can send it plummeting to the ground, or at least cut down the sheer number of missiles it can launch in a single volley.

Doom Eternal’s Battlemode

We also got a much closer look at Doom Eternal’s multiplayer Battlemode, which pits two player-controlled demons against a fully buffed DOOM Slayer in an all-out competitive war.

A huge part of this was focused on showing off the Revenant, the Pain Elemental, and the Mancubus, three of the demons you’ll be able to control in Battlemode. They each sport abilities similar to what they have in the main campaign, but id Software also revealed that demons will be able to summon NPCs allies and create traps and hazards for the DOOM Slayer across the map. id Software also revealed that the axe-wielding Marauder and the flame cover Arch Vile will be making their way to Battlemode soon.

Additionally, the DOOM Slayer will be in a constant fight for ammo, health, and armor that he’ll receive by exploring the map and killing NPC enemies, but Demons will reportedly be able to use skills and abilities to block the Slayer from being able to collect these resources. The idea is to allow the Demons to starve the DOOM Slayer of precious ammo for his most powerful weapons as an alternate strategy to just head on attacks.

Most of the demons seem to be built to fill a support, damage, tank, or mobility role in one way or another, which allows you to stack your pair of demons to compliment specific playstyles. Combined with the ability to call NPC support and lay hazards, and the demons look like they have quite a few ways to put the screws to the resident DOOM Slayer.

Not to be outdone, the DOOM Slayer will have access to a set of portals on either end of the battlefield, allowing him to disappear off enemy tracking in the blink of an eye and setting him up to flank his demonic hunters. He’ll also be kitted to the teeth, and have access to every weapon, mod, and ability the DOOM Slayer is packing in the main campaign. That’s a lot of guns, and a lot of firepower to play with when the demons come knocking.

It was also revealed that both demons and slayers will have access to optional upgrades that can be purchased in between rounds. This includes the BFG for the Slayer, and the ability to summon a vicious looking Baron of Hell NPC for the demons.

id Software seems hell-bent on creating a competitive meta for Battlemode, which probably means they’re planning on bringing it big into their esports community in the coming year.

One way or another, we’ll get a chance to play as DOOM Slayer and the full cast of demonspawn when Doom Eternal launches November 22, 2019.