Quake Champions trailer highlights Sorlag, the Acid Queen

The latest playable character to be unveiled for id Software’s fast-paced competitive shooter Quake Champions is Sorlag, a cold-blooded (literally) snake warrior queen who utilizes acid as her weapon of choice. As with previous champion unveilings, Sorlag has naturally gotten her own spotlight video, which you can watch below.

While Sorlag’s Acid Spit active ability doesn’t seem terribly impressive at first blush, it can actually be quite handy in a tight spot. Not only does the acid she spews cause lingering damage over time upon contact with an enemy player, but it also sticks to any surface it hits, which means clever Sorlag players can create acid-drenched chokepoints that force enemy players to take damage as they give chase.

Sorlag is also the first character to have not one, but two passive abilities. Her Bunny Hop ability allows her to gain more momentum and speed by jumping repeatedly, while her Acid Fiend ability makes her immune to all acid attacks, something which should come in handy if the enemy team also has a Sorlag on their roster.

Quake Champions is currently in the middle of its closed beta period, which you can sign up for here.