Quake Champions spotlight video features the classic character Visor

Visor, a classic Quake character who first appeared in Quake 3: Arena, will be joining the Quake Champions roster while sporting his iconic faceplate, not to mention one heck of an active ability.

According to developer id Software, Visor’s active ability, ‘Piercing Sight,’ allows him to see the outlines of enemy players through walls, letting him easily ambush unaware enemies and making it very hard to get the drop on him. Meanwhile, Visor’s passive ability, ‘Grasshopper,’ allows him to keep picking up speed through successive strafe-jumps, making him an excellent pick for old-school Quake fans.

If you want to give Visor or any of Quake Champions’ other playable characters a try, you can now do so via the game’s currently ongoing technical test.