Quake Champions March update launches with 2v2 and Instagib game modes plus new hero pack

Quake Champions is rolling out a host of new features as part of their March update that includes two new game modes and the Scalebearer pack, which gives new players a whole new way to get their hands dirty in the arena.

Instagib and 2v2 Game Modes

There are a lot of ways to frag in Quake Champions and with the March Update players are going to have two brand new ways to rip enemies limb from limb in the arena.

Instagib mode cranks up the damage models to take Quake’s frenetic action to a whole new level, there are no health, weapon, or armor pick-ups in Instagib mode and you spawn in with nothing but a Gauntlet and a Railgun to drop enemies like a sack of potatoes. It’s a whole new level of break neck action that gives players a chance to dominate the leaderboard off the skin of their teeth and the raw skill that goes along with a game mode where a single mistake will send you back to the respawn menu.

Along with Instagib, Quake Champions now supports 2V2 ranked team deathmatch as its own stand-alone game mode. Which gives you and a buddy a chance to pair your favorite combination of champions against other dynamic duos from around the world in ranked competitive matchmaking for a spot on the global leaderboards.

To mix things up on a whole new level, Quake veterans will now also have the ability to disable powers and abilities in custom game modes that let you kick it like it’s 1999 all over again.

Spring Cosmetics and the Scalebearer Pack

Finally, in addition to a whole new line of spring cosmetic items Quake Champions’ March update also includes the Scalebearer Pack for $5.99. The pack is a new way to gain access to Quake Champions that gives you instant access to both the Ranger and the Scalebearer champions, along with a pile of cosmetic items for the Ranger.

Although two extra champions are a nice bonus at a great price, the pack also includes a three-day pass that lets you try out every champion currently on the roster. It’s a great way for new players to get some hard-bitten time in the saddle with a few of Quake Champions’ finest so they know which characters are worth working towards before they spend the time and resources to unlock them.

You can see all the new features in action in the trailer below and access the new features when they launch tomorrow March 16.