Quake Champions' Blood Covenant Arena is a new twist on an old favorite

Quake Champions has its sights set on delivering a new twist on an old-school arena favorite, and they just released a trailer for their Blood Covenant arena, a new twist on an old fan favorite that's sure to keep even experienced Quake fans on their toes.

An update on a Quake classic

The Blood Covenant arena is based off the Camping Grounds map from Quake III Arena, and brings back classic elements like the tightly spaced pillars, the long jump pad leading up to the rocket launcher, and of course the railgun ledge for players that like their arena domination to be a little more evenly spaced.

If you somehow managed to miss it up to this point, that means that weapon pickups are most definitely back in play. Loadouts may have been a bold new attempt to shake up the formula back in the day, but true fans know that the meta behind pickups and map knowledge are what make Quake feel like such a desperate fight for survival.

Of course, Blood Covenant is much more than just a hi-res version of a fan favorite. id Software made sure to add in a few new twists to this classic fan favorite to keep the arena feeling fresh and unique.

For starters, you'll now be able to take a dip in a blood pool in the center of the arena to regain some much needed health – although, the area is light on cover, so you'll want to keep your dip as short as possible if you want to avoid meeting the business end of a rocket launcher.

Additionally the pillars area now has a much higher pillar positioned on a platform above the other pillars, giving players that are looking for the high ground a unique new spot to snag some key frags at the risk of exposing themselves to fire from multiple angles.

The map itself manages to pull off a uniquely Quake aesthetic despite the obvious engine upgrade. Maybe it's the vaulted ceilings, maybe it's the way enemies still smear across the arena, or maybe it's the unique blend of science fiction and the demonic that we’ve come to expect from id, but the map feels ridiculously nostalgic despite all the modern details and lighting effects spread throughout.

All in all, Blood Covenant is a promising blend of the modern and the classic. And, with any luck, all the new maps will play just as smoothly as the old, even if we have a few new skills and characters changing up the formula.