Quake Champions’ default character Ranger gets his own spotlight video

Quake Champions will have a large stable of playable characters when it launches later this year, most of which will have to be unlocked before they can be used. However, all Quake Champions players will always have access to at least one character: the iconic Ranger from the original Quake games.

When Quake Champions does launch, it will be as a free-to-play title. Players will be able to unlock both temporary and permanent access to other characters via a variety of means, but if they’d rather just play without paying, they’ll have to make do with only being able to play as Ranger. Fortunately, judging from the below spotlight video, it looks like even Ranger will be a fun character to take out for a spin.

Ranger’s unique active ability, Dire Orb (an orb which, according to the loose lore of the Quake series, he acquired from the final boss of the original Quake), can be sent out and then activated again to have Ranger teleport to its location. Any enemy who touches the Dire Orb will take damage, and if Ranger doesn’t teleport to it, the orb eventually explodes. Fortunately for Ranger players, getting caught in the explosion shouldn’t be a big deal since his passive ability, Son of a Gun, reduces the amount of all self-inflicted damage he takes by 25 percent.

Direct gameplay footage of Ranger and his unique abilities can be seen in the below video. Quake Champions is currently in its closed beta phase and is expected to launch later in 2017.