Pokemon Sword and Shield: What to do after you beat the game

So you’ve earned all your eight gym badges, beaten the champion and… stopped an evil plot to exploit a legendary Pokémon for its energy output… at the last minute… I guess? Anyway, the point is you’ve just beaten Pokémon Sword and Shield, except the game doesn’t end there. Pokémon games are well known for their post-game content, and while Sword and Shield has lighter offerings than past Pokémon titles, there’s still a lot you can do other than trying to catch em’ all.

Get the Master Ball

What Pokémon game would be complete without this legendary 100 percent catch rate ball? Once you’ve beaten the game simply load up your save and attempt to exit your house. Professor Magnolia will come and deliver the Master Ball to you free of charge before you can even start your post-game journey.

Get the Beast Ball

Talk to the merchant at the right of Stow-on-Side to get a Beast Ball. If you played Sun and Moon you might remember that this is the ball that has higher chances to catch an Ultra Beast. Unfortunately, there are no Ultra Beasts in this game so all it does is look cool.

Get Charmander

Aren’t you jealous of Leon’s Charizard with its awesome Dynamax form? No? You’re just upset that Bulbasaur isn’t in the game?

Well that doesn’t matter.

To get your own Charmander visit Hop and Leon’s house in the post-game. There will be a Pokeball with a note on it in Leon’s room (the one with all the hats.) In that Pokeball is a Charmander and it’s the only way to obtain it in this version.

Get Type: Null

Type: Null, one of the legendary Pokémon from Sun and Moon, is hanging out at the Battle Tower in Wyndon after the game has been completed. Just talk to the staff member hanging out next to him and you’ll pick him up along with the items you need to use him. To get him to evolve into Silvally you’ll need to practically max his affection through camping and curry making.

Learn Steel Beam

There is a man in the lower parts of Motostoke that will teach Pokémon the Steel Beam move. Go south from the Pokémon Center to get to an area with cargo crates to find him.

The Legendary Quest

Heading to the Slumbering Weald after the game has been completed will send you on a quest which culminates with catching your versions title legendary Pokémon and having a battle with the other. Simply go back to where you found the rusted Sword and Shield to trigger the quest. It will take you all around the world, battling in some new Dynamax encounters in almost every gym, and facing off against two new foppish villains.

Rare League Cards

You may have noticed that you’ll pick up some new Rare League Cards during the Legendary Quest. However, more lie in wait for you, should you wish to seek them out. You’ll have to defeat Marnie in another battle at her gym to get hers, speak to Oleanna in the mines to get Rose’s, defeat Leon in the Battle Tower to get his, and you can even get a card from Ball Guy, which you should then immediately burn with fire because Ball Guy gives me the creeps.

The Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is back! For those of you who have never experienced it, it puts you in a number of battles against Pokémon trainers using ranked tournament rules. That means all your Pokémon will be the same level and you can’t switch when a Pokémon dies. If you aren’t confident in your team, that’s OK! You can rent some tournament worthy teams in the lobby. Winning Battle Tower matches gets you Battle Points which will get you important items, including mints that change your Pokémon’s nature, and powerful held items for use in online battles. Winning six battles will also unlock the judge function, which will let you see how good your Pokémon’s base stats are in the box menu.

The Circhester Charms

Head to the hotel in Circhester for a chance to get two charms. The first is given to you after you beat a policeman in battle. He will give you the Oval charm which increases your chances of getting eggs at the nursery. If you manage to complete your Pokedex (good luck) the doctor will give you a Shiny Charm which will increase your chances of finding shiny Pokémon.

Participate in more Max Raid Battles

Not only have all the Pokémon in the wild area leveled up, AND new Pokémon have shown up on the map, a whole new class of Pokémon have shown up in dens. These Pokémon are some of the hardest to fight in the game, harder even than Eternatus, Zacian, and Zamazenta. They will put up multi-hit barriers several times per battle and will attack several times per turn. You will need to bring in friends, not just A.I. teammates, to take these down. Doing so will get you some of the best items and strongest Pokémon in the game.

That’s about it! Other than this, the only thing you have left to do is catch em’ all, catch em’ all shiny, and establish your dominance online.