Pokémon GO announces new global challenges for players

In preparation for a slew of events coming up, Niantic informed players of new global challenges for Pokémon GO. The two Safari Zone events—where regional and rare Pokémon show up in places they normally don’t—and Pokémon GO Fest bring trainers worldwide goals of a magnitude that we’ve never seen before.

Over the two days of Safari Zone in Dortmund, Germany, trainers worldwide will have the onerous task of completing 15.1 million research tasks. Each region (Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, Middle East, & Africa) is tasked with completing 5 million research tasks on their own to unlock a special reward. Those in the Safari Zone at Dortmund only have to complete 100,000 research tasks.

Pokémon GO Fest and Safari Zone Yokosuka, Japan, will work much the same way, the only difference being the rewards unlocked. If trainers are able to unlock all the rewards for each event, an unknown “Ultra Bonus Unlock” has been promised by the graphic Niantic put out. There’s no telling what it will be until we get there, but Niantic is truly trying to challenge its players this time around.

This isn’t the first global challenge that Niantic has put out, either. Last year, Niantic challenged trainers around the world to catch three billion Pokémon in just seven days. Players demolished the challenge with gusto, which is probably why we see the numbers are much higher this time around.

Pokémon GO Fest also looks to be bringing more shiny and Alolan variants of Pokémon to the game, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

So get your gear ready, trainers, Safari Zone Dortmund is just around the corner. It’s time to complete some research!