Pokèmon Go glitch renders ‘Nearby Pokemon’ screen useless

While Niantic Labs still struggles to get all of Pokemon Go’s issues sorted out, a new glitch has been affecting a large portion of the game’s playerbase, making one of its core features essentially useless.

According to this Reddit thread, the glitch causes all Pokemon in the game’s ‘Nearby Pokemon’ screen (a feature meant to allow players to track down Pokemon which are close to their current location) to appear as if they are much farther away than they actually are. The screen uses a number of small paw print indicators to show how far away a Pokemon is, with no paw prints meaning the player is right on top of the Pokemon’s location, and three paw prints meaning the Pokemon is several meters away. What the glitch does is make all Pokemon on the screen have three paw prints, even if their actual location is much closer.

As of the time of this writing, the glitch still hasn’t been fixed, though hopefully Niantic will address it in one of Pokemon Go’s upcoming bi-weekly updates.