PlayStation 5 DualSense controller showcased with Astro Playroom game

Usually, around the time of the announcements and the revealing of new consoles, fans and media alike can get their hands on the systems take them for a spin. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the video game industry has been turned upside down and all the major announcements have been live-streamed online.

That trend continues with PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley premiered a hands-on video with PlayStation 5’s innovative dual sense controller, making him the first person outside of Sony to get hands-on with the peripheral.

As part of his Summer Games Fest programming this summer, Keighley showcased the new controller and shared his thoughts while playing Astro Playroom, a free pre-installed PlayStation 5 game that’s included with the system. Keighley did a side-by-side comparison of PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller with the DualSense and mentioned how the new controller is a bit bigger and carrier a bit more weight.

The DualSense controller has an integrated speaker, where certain aspects of the game’s sound played through. At one point, Keighley blew into the speaker of the controller which interacted with a pinwheel in the game onscreen. Keighley was also impressed with the controller’s haptic feedback and new adaptive triggers and how they integrated with specific movements in the game, like the spring within a character’s body.

After the demo, Keighley interview Eric Lempel, PlayStation’s head of marketing. In the interview, Lempel discussed Astro Playroom’s purpose of showing off the technologies DualSense is equipped with, along with celebrating PlayStation’s history. They also discussed PlayStation 5’s solid-state drive, which decreases game load times, and PlayStation’s goal in moving to the next generation of consoles.

Finally, they discussed when gamers will be able to put in their pre-orders for PlayStation 5. Lempel didn’t have an announcement to make on when that will happen but to be rest assured, they’ll be making sure everyone will have advance notice on when pre-orders will begin.

Watch the entire event below: