PewDiePie's YouTube Red series launches with a free episode

YouTube has been hyping up its new YouTube Red subscription service for several months now, which gets rid of ads, offers offline viewing, and listening to videos while multitasking on a mobile device for $10 a month. In addition to those features, starting this week, you get access to YouTube Red’s original content, starting with the service’s flagship show, Scare PewDiePie.

YouTube Red is offering a free viewing of the show’s 7th  (of 10) episode, which stars mega-YouTube star PewDiePie, called “Level 7: I'm Not Crazy (Outlast IRL Gameplay).” The show is a reality show that has producers putting PewDiePie in situations to scare him. Think Fear Factor with haunted houses and hospitals. In the aforementioned episode, it appears that producers were trying to recreate the essence of horror game, Outlast, by putting PewDiePie in a mental hospital and having him try to find his way out. Along the way, he has to avoid crazy mental patients and dark hallways.

The episode appears to give a glimpse into the Youtuber’s daily life as well dealing with stalkers and overzealous fans. It's obviously staged and scripted in these moments, however. Watch the episode above and trailer below.

In addition to Scare PewDiePie, YouTube will also have a number of other shows including a 360 virtual reality show featuring MatPat from The Game Theorists as he explores the “real-life science behind popular video games by throwing gamers into the high-stakes scenarios they play through every day, from water jetpacks to bomb disposal.” Plus Fight of the Living Dead, a social experiment reality show from Alpine Labs that takes YouTube stars and puts them in a realistic zombie apocalypse as they try to survive for a an ultimate prize.