Persona 5 Strikers: The Best (and Worst) Bond Skills

Persona 5 Strikers do away with the complex confidant/social link system for something simpler -- the “bond” system. While new bond skills and skill levels are unlocked via social events and sidequests, you won’t have to make any complex social choices to gain access to them. All you have to do is dump the points where you want them.

That being said, not all bond skills are created equal. If you try to evenly distribute your bond points you will find yourself falling behind in battle. So here are our picks for the best bond skills to invest in, and the worst bond skills that are a little more than point wasters.



Bondmaker is probably the best bond skill in the game. What’s it do? It makes your bond points go up faster! Rule of thumb, always invest in the thing that gets you more things. You’ll want to max this out ASAP as soon as new skill levels are possible, as it allows you to learn far more bond skills than you would without it.

Joker’s Wild

Joker’s Wild makes it far more likely that you will get masks as drops after a battle. Masks allow Joker to summon new personas, giving you lots of fusion fodder for the Velvet Room. However, masks also serve a different purpose. Every duplicate mask you get provides an XP boost at the end of a battle. So this is basically a “quick level up” skill in addition to an “easy persona fusion” skill all rolled up into one.

Highway Man (and other drop rate increase skills)

Highway Man increases the item drop rate, making it more likely to find loot in random battles. There are similar skills for junk parts and other drops, as well as a skill that makes it more likely to encounter Treasure Demons. All these skills together will keep your inventory bursting at the seams, until you stop by the shop to sell everything off, and then you will just be filthy rich. Speaking of being filthy rich.


Extortionist increases the money you earn after a battle. Together with item drop increase skills, this will ensure that your party always has enough cash to buy the best equipment available for whatever jail you are currently wandering through. Equipment provides a substantial boost to your stats, so don’t neglect it.

Smart Shopper

This all-in-one skill both reduces the price of items and equipment in Sophie’s shop and expands the inventory. If you find your equipment lacking in any way, then you probably haven’t raised your Smart Shopper skill enough to gain access to new, more powerful items.

Oracle Recovery

You might notice that most of our picks for the best bond skills are all skills that somehow increase your rewards after a battle. But what about skills that help you out in battle. For that, Oracle Recovery is by far the best skill available. It restores HP and SP after every battle, which is exactly what you want, mostly for the SP. SP is the big bottleneck here, just like it was in Persona 5. With enough SP, you can use your skills to keep your party at full health, exploit enemy weaknesses, and keep buffs on you and debuffs on the enemy. Any skill that keeps your SP up without having to use items is a good one, and with a high enough Oracle Recovery skill, you might be able to ditch recovery items altogether.


Any stat up skill

These might seem great since they increase the stats of your entire party, but trust us, they are traps. They increase your stats by such a minuscule amount and you’ll gain much better bonuses just by leveling up. You simply won’t see any return for investing in these and it’s better to save your bond points for skills with a more pronounced effect.

Any damage increase skill

These are skills that increase damage done to weak points, technical hits, critical hits, and so on, and they too barely show any return on investment, especially for their hefty bond point cost. You will see a more pronounced effect just from using better equipment or gaining a few levels.


Ambusher heals you any time you manage to sneak attack an enemy, which sounds great… except you then realize that this is just Oracle Recovery without SP gain and with a condition you have to fulfill instead of triggering after every battle. Oracle Recovery is by FAR the better ability and as long as you don’t mind heading into the menu to case Dia a few times, Ambusher is just redundant once you learn it.

Metaverse Medic

Metaverse Medic increases the potency of healing items and is bad for two reasons. First, the return on effect isn’t all that great. Second, you don’t want to be relying on items, to begin with. Items are just a drain on your money when it could be going toward new equipment. At worst you want to use items for SP gain and only SP gain. Investing in Metaverse Medic will just make you buy recovery items at the shop more, which just ends up with your party being poor and lagging behind in keeping their equipment up to date.

Those are our picks for the best bonds in Persona 5 Strikers. If you have any picks, leave them below in the comments.