Peripheral Company Roccat announces their first game, Sick City

You've probably heard of Roccat, the German based peripheral manufacturer. We’ve talked about them a lot.

Roccat has been in the PC accessory market since 2006, but now they’re crossing the line into actual game development with the founding of Roccat Studios. This new studio is working to create Sick City, a real-time tactical combat game in the vein of Company of Heroes or Commandos.

The game features a vibrant post-apocalyptic art style. According to Roccat's CEO, Roccat Studios is planning to work “hand-in-hand with gamers to create a final product that is unique in the gaming world while still maintaining the classically ROCCAT signature everyone knows and loves.”

What exactly that looks like is still under wraps, though as you can see from the screenshots, they’ve gone with a very distinct look for their first title. 

One potentially interesting aspect of this project is the emphasis on community feedback. Roccat is promising a great deal of fan/developer interaction, meaning they’re attempting to democratize the process in a way that could have interesting implications for future game development. Roccat's CEO continued, saying that “Player input in the development process is the future, and we’re applying that to our game development process.“

If this collaboration is successful, it will be interesting to see if other peripheral makers follow suit. An overwhelmingly green FPS from Razer, maybe?

We’ll be following the development of Sick City going forward, so stay tuned for updates as we learn more about this new direction for Roccat.