PDP’s upcoming lineup of accessories is pretty amazing

One of the biggest recent announcements in regards to PDP (Performance Designed Products) is their partnership with Harmonix to co-publish and build controllers for Rock Band. At E3 this week, they unveiled the new controllers for the game. Both price and availability have yet to be announced.

PDP also signed some licensing agreements with Nintendo, EA, Microsoft, and NFL to create a variety of branded accessories ranging from controllers, headsets, different stands for Nintendo amiibos and storage options for 3Ds games. Check out the images below:

Here are official Titanfall 2 peripherals:

You know the headphones that the main character wears in Scalebound when he’s about get loose? Yeah, you can own a pair too.

PDP will also have their own line of wired controllers for Xbox One and PC along with new Talon Media remote controls for your Xbox One.

This line of keyboards and mice and colorful and waterproof. Yes, you can actually put these keyboards in a sink and wash them like dishes.

Here are Battlefield 1, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Titanfall 2 officially branded wired Xbox One and PC controllers.

PDP will be launching a brand new line of controllers and headsets called the Legendary Collection. Each accessory in this collection will have its own unique storyline.

Finally, PDP announced this week a licensing deal with the NFL and that they will be releasing a line of NFL team branded controllers called Face-Off. The controllers will feature swappable NFL faceplates. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the sample controllers, but trust us, any gaming NFL fan will want one in their hands.

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