Paper Mario: The Origami King – How to 100 percent and make the perfect crease through your origami adventure

Paper Mario: The Origami King isn’t a particularly difficult game, but if you are looking to 100 percent it, it will still take some time. These tips and tricks will give you a slight edge over the folded soldiers in your origami adventure.

Hammer everything

Simple tip. Just about everything is worth bashing with your hammer. Maybe it’s a hidden toad. Maybe it’s a source of coins. Maybe it will just give you confetti. Maybe it’s a secret passage. Mario’s only real way of interacting with the world is to smash it, so do that to everything.

Trees and some bushes are infinite sources of confetti

If you find yourself low on confetti, just hammer on a tree or bush. It may take a while but you’ll eventually restore yourself to max confetti via these infinite wellsprings.

Benches are not just scenery

You are told this early on in the game, but it’s easy to forget. Benches are healing points. Sit on one and you’ll restore yourself to full health instantaneously.

A max HP up accessory also doubles as a per-battle HP regen

You will eventually be able to unlock accessories that increase the max HP you have in battle. This max hp increase happens at the start of every battle, and with it comes a heal for the exact amount of HP you increased. This will easily let you stay at max HP through many battles, even if you take damage.

Turn off motion controls

Motion controls are dumb. You can turn them off in the options menu. There, I said it. Moving on.

Remember, you don’t have to pay toads full price in battle

The game tells you that you can cheer for Toads to help you and it gives you the example of paying then 999 coins which gives you a heal, does a small bit of damage, and shifts around the puzzle so you can see its solution better. Unfortunately, this is a waste. The heal is only worth it if you are at next to no HP and the damage the Toads do is pitiful. The puzzle solution hint is worthwhile, but you can get that if you stop cheering at about 200 coins or so.

Always take iron boots into battle

There are basically two categories of boots, iron and not iron. Iron boots of all types protect your feet from spiked enemies. There are some puzzles that will require you to jump on spiked enemies, so never be without a pair in your inventory.

Turn on extra battle lab options

As you progress through the game you will unlock the puzzle solver and time extender in the battle lab which makes battles easier for… nothing. There’s no drawback to using them so go ahead. It’s like cheating.

Equipped weapons don’t really matter

Weapons kind of matter but equipped weapons do not. You can equip weapons, for free, in the middle of a battle with the + button. So you essentially have access to your whole inventory the whole time. Why does Paper Mario: The Origami King make you go through this extra step of equipping? Who knows?

Buy AOE items

POW blocks and other AOE items are some of the most useful in the game. They make battles super easy without any need to solve any puzzles or use any weapons. When you get a chance to pick them up, stuff your pockets.

You don’t really have to solve boss puzzles

While boss battles have a clear strategy that you are meant to follow, specifically by using magic circles at the right time, you can actually just walk right up to them and hit them with jumps and hammers until they die.

You can go into “boss view” in standard battles

Boss battles give you an overhead video of the battlefield while solving ring puzzles. This is very useful in normal battles and can be accessed simply by clicking in the right thumbstick.

That’s all the tips we have for you today. If you have your own advice for defeating the Origami King let us know in the comments.