Panels & events to check out at PAX East 2016

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East will have plenty of games to offer, but that’s not the most of it. As in years past, attendees will also be able to meet the people behind the games, connect their passion for gaming to other areas in life, and much more, with a large variety of panels and events scheduled throughout. Here is a quick rundown of a handful of events we think will be worth checking out at PAX.

Panels/Events On Friday, April 22

What Does Game Design Tell Us About Mental Illness?

The use of mental illness as a plot trope is nothing new in gaming. However, the question remains have game designers accurately represented mental illnesses, or have they relied too heavily on lazy, negative stereotypes? Kelli N. Dunlap, a doctor of clinical psychology and a Fellow in the Masters of Game Design at American University, explores this topic on the use and representations of mental illness in game design, stories, mechanics, and more.

Penny Arcade Q&A

What could be better than an hour-long session with Penny Arcade founders Michael Krahulik (Gabe) and Jerry Holkins (Tycho)? Well, probably a few things, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Kinda Funny: We Tricked Folks Into Thinking We’re A Big Deal

In September of 2014, five friends began work on a project that would grow bigger than they’d ever imagined. It didn’t take long for Kinda Funny to grow by leaps and bounds and the nerd culture/humor site took the industry by storm last year. How did they do it? Let Greg Miller, Nick Scarpino, Tim Gettys, and Colin Moriarty explain it in all its glorious detail!

You’re A Games Journalist! Now What?

Yes, we’re biased towards this one, but for good reason! Journalism has changed/evolved ridiculously in the past two decades. What does the games journo industry look like, and how can newcomers get their foot in the door? Industry veterans Ken Gagne (Gamebits), Susan Arendt (GamesRadar+), Alexa Ray Correa (Gamespot), Samit Sarkar (Polygon), and Holly Green (Paste Magazine) will share their knowledge and expertise on the topic.

Panels/Events On Saturday, April 23

Crafting Your Own Controllers for Immersive Game Experiences

Your controller is your most valuable asset. Why rely on some prefabricated, universal device when you can design your own to suit your needs?

Penny Arcade - Make A Strip!

Pretty self-explanatory!

It's Still Really Rad Being a Female in the Games Industry

Yes, there are lots of women in the games industry. You probably don’t know about them because you’re not paying attention. Correct that by sitting in on this panel and learn about what life is like for women in the industry. Panelists include Tatjana Vejnovic (The Koalition), Jamie McKiernan (Harmonix), Sarah LeBoeuf (Freelance), Mercer Smith-Looper (AwfulBit), Johnathan Gibbs (Edugaytion), and Sabriel Mastin (Freelance).

IGN Presents: 16 Big Anniversaries Happening In 2016

Take a stroll down memory lane with a few IGN editors as they remind us that Pac-Man will celebrate his mid-thirties this year while the Playstation2 hits peak puberty.

"King of Chinatown" Documentary: 5th Anniversary Screening

Where were you the first time Justin Wong took on Daigo Umehara?

Panels/Events On Sunday, April 24

Get Schooled: Deciding if a Games Education is Right for You

A college education is expensive, but can be a worthy investment down the road. So how does one know if such an expensive investment is worth the risk? A panel of experts from the industry and various universities will help would-be programmers/developers with this choice.

Collecting Games… WITHOUT Going Broke or Getting Scammed!

Is that a real, original gold cartridge of the NES Legend of Zelda, or a cheap, spray-painted knockoff? Chris Kohler of WIRED helps would-be collectors know for sure!

The Cutting Edge of PC Gaming with Newegg

Okay we're a little biased on this one, because we're overseeing this panel, but it's still going to be a really good time! Experts from Logitech, Samsung, AMD and more join host Jason Lake of Complexity Gaming to talk about the latest developments in virtual reality, e-sports, and other issues PC gamers care about.